Sushi makes an entrance to the kosher scene in Edmonton

A delicious assortment of Kosher Sushi is now available in Edmonton at Kiwi Kosher Sushi.

(EJNEws) –  The Edmonton kosher scene has a new caterer – Kiwi Kosher Sushi, offering a terrific variety of delicious sushi for the Edmonton community.

Mark Siderson explains, “We are now up and running in Edmonton after a very successful launch at the recent JNF Rap N Roll concert that featured Nissim Black.”

Place your orders soon, says Mark, because “we are subject to a minimum  order of 10 platters committed to by this Sunday March 19We are almost a 50% of the way there. Please let your Sushi eating friends and family know to order in time. Sushi Platters are also available for Shabbos and Yom Tov, with the First platter date -March 17, 2017.”

If you would like to place an order, please do so by return email by  Friday March 1o.  Contact Mark Siderson at Payment can be at  Sushi Pick up time on March 17, at the Beth Israel Synagogue between noon and 2 pm.

Readers can also enjoy this videoclip by Ali Miller ( describing how to make a Sushi Hamantaschen.

(Nosher) – Crazy for sushi? Meshuga for hamantaschen? Then you’ll love sushi hamantaschen, brought to you by LA’s Meshuga 4  Sushi and Kosher in the Kitch.

Anything goes on Purim, a holiday for costumes, drinking, and partying. So who’s to stop a sushi roll from dressing up as Hamantaschen?

Sushi chef Moshe at Meshuga 4 Sushi takes fried-rice triangles, and tops with guacamole, baked salmon, and spicy mayo. And he doesn’t stop there: later in the video, he demonstrates how to make triangular sushi rolls, filled with sushi rice and fish.

Watch below to see how it’s done!  Happy Purim!



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