In Real Estate – as in life – there is a time for everything

by Murray Glick and Seth Glick

(EJNews) – In the beginning, you start life out of the family home when you are off to University, or when you get your first job. There are so many choices, and what should you look for? A condo, a small house? Downtown, in the suburbs? A knowing Realtor can help with that.

Soon you may find a special someone and want to settle down. That little condo is a one bedroom and thoughts of family are on your minds. Will you want a yard for playing, and maybe a certain school to be near?  What layout will be best?  More bedrooms, a garage for strollers, bicycles and lawn tools? As life changes, your needs change. An experienced Realtor who has been there can help with that.

It doesn’t seem so long now, before the kids are growing, and so are their friends. Now it feels a bit tight around the dinner table.  The family room isn’t handling the toys and the TV like it used to.  You wonder if you’d like some space for a pool table, and maybe even a bigger garage? Soon there will be 3 cars and more bikes. You need more room!  A savvy Realtor can help with that.

Well, in no time at all it’s just the two of you. The kids are off to school or getting married and now you seem to be rattling around that big house.  You might be nearing retirement and want to travel a little more often. You hate to have to bother your family or friends to look in on the house while you’re away.  Maybe a nice apartment condo that you can lock and leave is right for you?  A knowledgeable Realtor can help with that.

And now as time goes by, you kind of like to be around friends most of the time. You don’t feel the need to be running around all over town. It might be time to look at an adult-only condo. One with a social room to gather in. Play some cards, some billiards or get involved in a club?  Time to make life a little simpler.  A caring Realtor can help you with all of that.

There are many nuances to buying and selling a home. 25 years ago (when we first got started in this business) an offer to purchase was one page and for some a handshake sufficed.  Today it is 5 pages plus 2 other forms. And you might be thinking about making the offer subject to sale of your existing property. Listing your home for sale is now a 7-page document and with all the technology being used, it is no longer just plunking a sign on the lawn! You need to find someone you can talk to, someone who listens and someone you can trust.  A credible, patient realtor can help.

Life is about the choices we make: how we live and where we live.

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