JNF and CFHU unite for a special Negev Gala on June 23

(EJNews) – On June 23rd at the Timms Centre for the Arts (University of Alberta), the Jewish National Fund (Edmonton) and Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will join together to pay tribute to Dr. James Shapiro at the 2016 Negev Gala. This unique collaboration of two Israel based organizations, Jewish National Fund and the Hebrew University will honour Dr. Shapiro and celebrate his dedication and many accomplishments in medical research.

Canadian Friends of Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Jewish National Fund are leading the way in scientific research and development, laboratory equipment and student scholarships enabling further research that can benefit the international community. Proceeds from the 2016 Negev Gala will support the important work of these organizations.

James Shapiro, MD PhD FRCS(Eng) FRCSC MSM is currently a Canadian Research Chair in transplantation and the Director of the Clinical Islet Transplant Program at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He is Professor of Surgery, Medicine and Surgical Oncology.

Dr. Shapiro is known for developing the Edmonton protocol, an islet transplantation technique which has allowed many severe diabetics to stop taking insulin entirely, although the duration of this insulin independence does vary.

The Edmonton Protocol is considered a major advancement from earlier transplantation efforts, and has regenerated much interest and research into establishing islet transplantation as a regular treatment modality for diabetes. One of the key components included a successful cocktail of non-corticosteroid immunosuppressive drugs, necessary for the prevention of allogeneic graft rejection.

Dr. Shapiro continues to lead the Edmonton team which is by far the most successful and active islet transplant program worldwide.

Dr. Errol Raff, diabetes specialist and Chairman of the 2016 Edmonton Gala recently said:

“The contributions made by Dr. James Shapiro (Islet transplantation) and his team to the management of Type 1 diabetes, will, I believe, stand out as comparable to the discovery of insulin. With the advent of the islet transplant, hundreds of people have moved from being unable to live alone (because of wild and unpredictable fluctuations in blood glucose levels) to independent living with the hope that further innovation will extend this freedom and independence to thousands or more.”

JNF and CFHU invite you to join them and the entire community for this very special evening. “Together we can help change the lives of millions who suffer from diabetes and liver disease. Help us help others…give the gift of hope.”

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