Edmonton Multi-Faith Society calls for an end to hate literature and vandalism

(Dec. 2016) – The Edmonton Phoenix Multi-Faith Society for Harmony has membership comprising of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths. They issued the following statement in Edmonton on Dec. 8, 2016:

“Our credo, Inshallah, Tikun Olam, Amen (G-d Willing, Making the World a Better Place, So be it) is a call for friendship, love and respect amongst all Edmontonians.

“We were shocked and saddened to learn that hateful literature was recently distributed to many mailboxes in Edmonton against people of Muslim faith.   And while these unfortunate expressions of ignorance hit close to home, we are similarly both saddened and appalled at the reports of vandalization of monuments and indeed personal property (the home of a Rabbi, no less) with alarming expressions of Anti-Semitism.

“These events go further than marginalizing or merely offending members of our communities, but hearken in their overt intent to the most frightening historical periods of discrimination and persecution.  We as members of the Edmonton Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities are united in our condemnation of such acts, and express our support for all our neighbours, colleagues, and friends who have been targeted by such threatening expressions of ignorance and intolerance.

“As a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and modelling of inter-faith cooperation, we urge all those who are directly or indirectly affected by the recent handouts to seize this opportunity and reach out to members of another faith, or to simply reach out to a neighbour and begin a new dialogue. One that replaces bigotry with understanding; vitriol with caring; and hate with love.

“Please look to our website (http://www.phmultifaithsociety.ca/) for examples of interfaith respect and cooperation.

“Together, through positive action, we will rise above negativism and continue to show the best parts of ourselves that make Edmonton such a wonderful community to live, work and grow.”

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