Camp BB-Riback is the place for summer fun, friendships and memories galore

Campers are having a great summer at Camp BB-Riback along the beautiful shores of Pine Lake in Central Alberta.

Campers are enjoying a wide range of activities at Camp BB-Riback situated on the beautiful shores of Pine Lake, Alberta.

“Summer 2015 and the July session have been great so far!” said Camp BB-Riback Director Jerrod Henoche.  “With many of the camper cabins at or near capacity and almost perfect weather, ruach and spirit is very high. Our many activity areas are running well and the campers have been enjoying a summer of fun and a lifetime of friendships, memories, traditions and skills.”

For over 60 years,  Camp BB Riback has been combining tradition and innovation to provide not only an unforgettable Jewish camp experience – but an unforgettable life experience as well.

Children from grades 1 through 10 are experiencing an exciting and adventurous summer of activities along the shores of Pine Lake. Parents can rest assured that the health and happiness of their children are the camp’s first priority and that the camp is accredited by The Alberta Camping Association. Through the camp’s awesome array of activities and innovative programs, children not only have fun, develop lifelong friendships, Jewish traditions and magical memories but also develop skills and competencies that will stay with them throughout their lives.

There are still some spots open for Second Session which begins on July 30. Call 1-800-267-2267 or email to inquire. BB Campers


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