Temple Beth Ora: Our Response to Hate

To the person that left a hate-filled note for us, we would like to respond to you and others that share this thought. We have withstood much more than your poster. We do not fear you, we will not allow your darkness to overcome our light. This is the meaning of our Hanukkah celebration, that we not only bring light forth to expose darkness, but we continue to do it day after day.

Actions like these motivate us to continue to stand up and call out the hatred, intolerance, and injustice in our midst. We stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters who are often targets of slander and hate speech, we stand with our LGBTQ community who are often targets of physical violence, we stand with our First Nations family that are maligned and pushed to the margins of society. When one of us is targeted and attacked, we are all targets. However, we stand united and strong and our spirits will not be broken. We have and will continue to be a fixture in the fabric of a beautiful and diverse Canada. We will continue to build a community of inclusion and togetherness and will never allow these cowardly acts to sway us.

Jewry will never perish, but hatred and fanaticism MUST perish and it will be through the work that we do day by day.

J. Spencer Brawner
Temple Beth Ora

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