Talmud Torah Teachers rise to the challenge

An Edmonton Talmud Torah family posted this TT homeschool mascot on their facebook page.

By Ari Sniderman

(Edmonton) – Moving classrooms online challenged teachers, students, parents, and administration to train themselves very quickly for an unprecedented learning dynamic. It has rapidly turned teachers into YouTube stars, students into independent learners, and parents into juggling machines as they try to navigate work, childcare, and homeschooling.

As a teacher, it has been inspiring to see students adapting with confidence and to see them delight in each other’s company. My basement guestroom has turned into a YouTube studio complete with tripod and greenscreen. Other teachers are hosting class meetings like the ones pictured while spoon-feeding toddlers.

There is no doubt that the task the pandemic has foisted upon us has been monumental and has come with immense struggles mentally and pedagogically. However, despite the physical distancing, rising to this challenge has undoubtedly connected the school community in unexpected and heartwarming ways.

Ari Sniderman is a Moreh (teacher) at the Edmonton Talmud Torah School.


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