Pelvic Health and Wellness

by Sari Uretsky, BSCPT, CAFCI, IM

(Edmonton) – Does pelvic health matter?  What does “pelvic health” mean and what can a physiotherapist do to help?  Do I have to just learn to live with leaking and heaviness?  These are questions I get asked all the time.  Pelvic health DOES matter!  Physiotherapy CAN help and NO, you do not need to just live with leaks!  Although urinary incontinence is common, it should not be considered normal.  Physiotherapy for urinary incontinence is successful 80 to 90% of the time.

The pelvic floor supports many muscles and organs, including your bladder, rectum, and reproductive system. When this support weakens, organs begin to prolapse from their normal position, and you may experience pain, incontinence, and other problems that are typical with pelvic floor disorders.  These muscles can be strengthened and many people can stop leakage and the heaviness feelings all together.

Not every person has the same issues, therefore it is important for you to seek out a specialist for one-on-one treatment and education.  Group classes do not address individual issues and do not allow for the personalized attention required.  A physiotherapist that specializes in pelvic health issues can work with you to regain control and move forward with your life.  There are multiple approaches to physiotherapy treatments.  We use a combination of these at my clinic to best suit your individual needs.  Some of these approaches may include Kegel, core muscle progressive strengthening, stretching, electro-muscular stimulation, taping, intra-muscular stimulation (IMS), acupuncture, behavioural techniques and education.

Is pelvic health only for women?  Absolutely not.  Although more women than men have incontinence issues, men can have them too.  Men may also require muscle re-training after a colonoscopy or any colorectal surgery.

Uretsky Physiotherapy is now located in the Edgemont Health Centre in West Edmonton.  We offer one-on-one physiotherapy sessions for all pelvic health related issues. Treatment is also offered for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, IMS, acupuncture, pre and post-natal care and infant head-shape disorders.  Virtual physiotherapy sessions are now available, enabling us to reach patients wherever they may reside.  For more information and to book an appointment, please visit my website

Feel Better, Move Better, Be Better.

Sari Uretsky is a physiotherapist and the owner of Uretsky Physiotherapy, located at Edgemont Health Centre, 20170 Lessard Road in Edmonton. 






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