Passover is coming – It’s time to start your garden

All Seasons Garden Centre owner Andrae Marchak offers the know how and supplies to help you on your gardening journey. (Photo supplied)

(EJNews) – With Passover just around the corner, the spring festival offers the opportunity to move from hesitation to empowerment. Each year the Seder ends with the declaration of ‘next year in Jerusalem,’ a Passover resolution if you will. This year make another resolution and fulfill it by grabbing the spade by the handle, and starting your very own garden. In a world increasingly removed from the sources of the very food we eat and indeed from nature in general, few things bring such satisfaction as growing and nurturing plants, whether for our own sustenance or simply to enjoy a little more of the living green world around us in our daily lives.all season garden

“We have seen an increase in customers wishing to reconnect with their own food supply,” says Andrae Marchak, owner of All Seasons Garden Centre, an independent business that has been meeting the horticultural needs of both novice and experienced gardeners in Edmonton area of Old Strathcona since 1992. “Food prices have been on the rise for a number of years, while the sources and quality of what we eat have become more and more dubious, so there has been a growing movement towards people wanting to know exactly what goes into what they are consuming.”

Andrae and his team of knowledgeable staff showcase and demonstrate the proficiency with which one can grow both outdoors and indoors with the right know-how and supplies. Coming into the store is an experience itself, as you first walk in you are transported through the magical world of their miniature jungle in the very front of the store that contains an impressive array of tropical plants including fig trees, a giant banana and brugmansias with foot-long trumpet shaped flowers and more, providing tangible proof of what can in fact be accomplished. There are also a multitude of other varieties of plants thriving throughout the store as you do your shopping, and the expert staff members are always eager to share free cuttings of any plant in their garden (assuming it can be safely pruned at the time) with anyone eager to try their hand at propagating plants themselves.

“We don’t really sell any plants here,” Andrae goes on “we sell the idea of growing plants, and the knowledge and means to do that. With our help, you will never have to be afraid of the challenges of gardening, in whatever terms that may mean to you, and wherever you may find the space to do so.” Truly a unique experience in Old Strathcona!

The beautiful foyer at All Seasons Garden Centre located at 10027 81 Avenue in Edmonton.

The beautiful foyer at All Seasons Garden Centre located at 10027 81 Avenue in Edmonton.

In addition to providing an intense array of organic soil amendments and plant nutrients, custom built hydroponic systems, and the latest in horticultural lighting technologies, All Seasons Garden Centre most importantly provides personalized customer service to help determine the best options for each customer, and to ensure that everyone who comes through their door leaves with a green thumb and a smile. An exciting new product that All Seasons is offering for 2016 are non-GMO seed potatoes, locally grown around Stony Plain and Spruce Grove. “’EarthApples’ seed potato varieties are picked for their great taste and ease of growing, and most can even be grown in containers for those without access to an outdoor garden” says Andrae, “Many people do not realize that so many plants that we usually only think of only growing in the ground outdoors can be successfully grown indoors or on apartment balconies with the right approach and materials.” For additional advice and growing tips for this new crop, visit

As we emerge from our winter hideouts into the warmth and brightness of the spring sunshine, we are reminded of what a nourishing activity gardening can be. It is a fulfilling and meditative process that keeps our minds and bodies active, and gives us the opportunity to create our own personal oasis wherever you may find yourself. If you started a garden from scratch now, you could begin to see the “fruits” of your labour by Shavuot, and harvest the real fruits well before Rosh Hashana!

All Seasons Garden Centre is located just off of Whyte, at 10027 81 Avenue – for more information about the multitude of services that they provide, simply drop by or call 780-448-2385.

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