Our Parents’ Home: How lucky we are

Our Parents' Home is a seniors' residence located in the Oliver District near downtown Edmonton - offering a residence infused with Jewish traditions as well as a variety of enjoyable and informative programming.

(Edmonton) – As a medium size community on the prairies it can at times be a challenge to provide our community with all they would like in Jewish communal life. Despite our size, Edmonton has consistently risen to the occasion to provide a richness of resources and institutions. From the early days of Talmud Torah to the diversity of synagogue affiliation available to our members today, to the Jewish Federation that helps to bring it all together, our Jewish life is enriched by many institutions.

When it came to living accommodations for our seniors, however, there was no single service available in our community. When volunteers began their discovery process in 1996 to look at this need, no one was certain of what a residence might look like. What they were certain of, though, was that our community lacked a home that embraced the richness of our Jewish traditions.

It wasn’t until 2015 that a senior’s residence that incorporated the unique needs of Jewish seniors became a reality. Edmonton has become the only community between Winnipeg and Vancouver that offers members of our community a residence infused with our Jewish traditions. Our Parents’ Home continues to evolve to meet the unique needs of our community. Whether it is a communal seder in one’s “home”, to daily kosher meals, to celebrating Shabbat (or Chanukah) or even sitting shiva as a community, OPH continues to embrace our cultural riches. How lucky we are!

OPH is located at 10112 – 119 Street, close to downtown Edmonton. To book a tour or for information visit OurParentsHome.com or call 780-988-5504.




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