New vigour injected into Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation

By Michael Paull

(EJNews) – They say the first million dollars is the hardest to make. Well at the Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation (EJCCF), we can attest to that. The original by-laws were done in 1966 and they have been sitting quietly in a box somewhere. In 2001 a group of Jewish people from Edmonton decided to inject some life into the Foundation. The by-laws have been passed around and to this day are still being worked on, but the most important aspect of any Foundation is not updated by-laws, but raising money and distributing money to local Jewish Charities.

The EJCCF has quietly asked families to donate and over the past 15 years we have distributed over $300,000 to worthy causes, all of them  local, and all of them Jewish groups. The EJCCF has set up 28 family-named funds and three insurance plans to have the total amount just shy of our goal by the year’s end of Aug 31.

This year,  just one phone call and a generous gift from Lisa Miller and Farrel Shadlyn plus a gift of an old insurance policy from Francie Nobleman helped us start the year with assets of over $1,000,000.

All of these families seem to have several things in common, the desire to help and the wish to see our Jewish community continue to grow for years to come.

Our AGM will be done at the same time as the Federation AGM and we want to thank Betty Koss for the tremendous help that she provides with our book keeping. We invite everyone to come to the meeting at Beth Shalom Synagogue on November 30 at 7 pm and learn more about what we do and hopefully be a part of getting us to the next million mark within the very near future.

Michael Paull  is the Chair of Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation.

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