Masks and Glee at Edmonton TT

Classes have resumed at Edmonton Talmud Torah School and staff, students and families are happy to be there.

by  Edmonton Talmud Torah teachers

(AJNews) – Three days before schools closed indefinitely, our students and staff gleefully masked up for the novelty of Purim. Reconvening nearly six months later on the verge of Rosh HaShannah, masks are mundane but the glee of attendance is novel.

You know there’s something strange in the world when summer break is over and kids couldn’t be happier. They listened patiently to protocols and practiced diligently, put paper in their binders, and got back to work.

All the parents, our students and we, the staff,  know that it might not last. We all miss those who have gone for online learning. But we have a new, novel appreciation for being and learning together again. Shana tova to all our students, their parents, and all!

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