Kids Kottage: Celebrating G-d’s Gifts this Spring

By Kids Kottage

(EJNews) – Spring is finally here, and as we celebrate the end of another long winter, we also turn our minds and our hearts to G-d, thanking him for the gift of life he granted to us all during the Passover. There is so much that we have to be grateful for during this Passover, celebrating with our families, our friends, and filled with love for G-d and the world around us. Here at the Kottage, as the days grow longer and the last of winter’s chill fades away, we’re filled with that gratitude too.

We are surrounded by G-d’s gifts every day, and the most precious of those gifts are children. For them, spring is a time of hope, excitement for the future, where summer lies just around the corner, filled with seemingly endless months of freedom, growth, and exploration in the wonderful world G-d has created for us.

But times are tough for so many families in Alberta, and our clients at Kids Kottage are struggling more than ever. When a little one’s mother isn’t even sure how she can manage to keep a roof over her children’s heads, or food on their table, how much time will there be, really, for play this summer? We try our best to help them, supporting them as we do throughout the year with our 24-hour crisis nursery, our parenting and food security courses, our follow up workers and community referrals. But we also offer families the chance to get away and attend our family camps, where their only priority is to spend a few days with their children, growing closer and remembering what’s most important – family.

 Our camp program teaches these children valuable skills and a sense of self-worth they may be lacking. They learn about leadership, courage, friendship, decision making and inner strength, as well as how to navigate through the woods, shoot a bow and arrow, weave a dreamcatcher, or any number of other camping skills. Years after our kids have these experiences, they still talk to us like it was just yesterday.

 This spring, it’s another of G-d’s gifts that we’re so grateful for: the support of the community that has enabled us to keep helping these families, for the past 20 years. With your help, we are changing children’s lives and teaching them that the world is much bigger than the little part of it they’ve seen so far.

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