JNF launches Builders Circle projects with naming rights

By Jay Cairns and Elliott Steinberg

(AJNews) – JNF Canada has launched a new initiative – the Builders Circle which affords you the opportunity to develop a project in Israel with naming rights. The Builders Circle offers you and your family the chance to Make Your Mark in Israel to help build the healthcare, education, community development and environmental projects Israel will need for generations to come.

Dedicating a JNF project is a great way to honour or remember loved ones, or celebrate milestones like a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or anniversary, and strengthen your family’s connection with Israel. Imagine the excitement of visiting Israel, and proudly showing your grandchildren your family’s name on your project, your contribution to building up the land and people of Israel. JNF has a uniquely large list of projects you can choose from, by price, location, or cause. The possibilities are endless!

To participate as a Builder, projects start at $6,000 and over. We hope you’ll consider joining donors across Canada in Building Israel Together’ and strengthening the link to Israel for you, your family and future generations. To see JNF’s wide variety of projects all over Israel, please check out the Builders Circle website at jnfbuilderscircle.ca



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