Jeff Davison Campaign: How do you get to yes ?

By Jeff Davison, Candidate for Calgary Mayor 

(Calgary) – When I was a kid, I’d often ask my parents for things—as kids do—and get told no—as parents do. But I’d always ask why. After I understood my parents’ concerns, I’d address them. Eventually, they’d say yes. This was the process: listen, collaborate and compromise. That’s how, over the years, I got a new bike, a Nintendo and a dog!

It’s also how, as a City Councillor, I have found solutions to some of Calgary’s biggest challenges over the last four years.

When people said we couldn’t have a new event centre, I figured out how to get one built. When people said we couldn’t compete with Vancouver’s film industry, I found a way to take the Calgary film centre to 100% occupancy and attract a record number of Hollywood productions. When people said we couldn’t afford to lower taxes during a pandemic, I found a way to do it.

Calgary is heading into its most important election in decades. Everything we have worked for is in jeopardy if we don’t have the right leadership. Do we want a leader who says no to new ideas, new opportunities, and anyone with a different point of view? Or do we want a leader who can understand what’s behind the no, and find a way to get to yes?

If we want to say yes to a robust economy, yes to jobs, yes to new infrastructure, yes to affordability, and yes to a recovery that benefits all Calgarians, we need a leader who can collaborate with Council and the community to get things done. It’s time to stop missing opportunities because we can’t work together.

That’s why I’m running to be Calgary’s next mayor. I have a plan to make yes happen by investing in initiatives that bring a real return, like:

  • Accelerating investment in technology (including agri-tech and clean energy), and promoting our experience economy, which includes tourism, culture, and entertainment.
  • Keeping taxes low taxes and the city affordable by attracting new business investment that grows the number of taxpayers.
  • Fixing the broken property tax assessment system, imposed by the province, which can lead to huge tax fluctuations on people and businesses.
  • Building a stronger downtown, anchored by the new Event Centre, BMO Expansion, Green Line construction, and a commercial-to-residential conversion policy. More people living, working and playing downtown will grow private sector investment, attract visitors, and reduce the vacancy rate.
  • Improving community consultation to build the things Calgarians want. Communities are unique; let’s respect and preserve the qualities that matter to the people who live in them. Change should be collaborative, not forced.

Calgary doesn’t recover unless every Calgarian recovers. It’s time for Calgary to elect a leader who can say yes to new ideas and new opportunities so that five years from now, our city is the thriving, dynamic, and affordable city we all want it to be. If you agree, find out more at and vote for me this October 18.

This is a paid post by Jeff Davison and the Jeff Davison Campaign. 




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