Edmonton Talmud Torah to expand its program offerings this fall

Edmonton Talmud Torah Society. (File photo).

By AJNews staff

(AJNews) – There is exciting news to announce in the Edmonton Jewish Community. The Talmud Torah Society (TTS) will be expanding its program offerings this fall to meet the needs of the Kadima Foundation which includes families that are currently attending Menorah Academy (which is closing its doors this fall).

This is a wonderful opportunity to facilitate inclusivity within the community.

TTS President Leeor Eliyahu and Kadima Foundation President Shane Asbell explained that the Kadima Foundation approached the Talmud Torah Society a few months ago with the intention of partnering together. The new partnership has been developed to create a before and after school modern orthodox educational program. The new program is called the Ancillary Judaic Program @ Talmud Torah (AJP).

The two societies have worked collaboratively, efficiently and smoothly to reach an agreement that unifies Jewish Education in Edmonton under one roof.

New offerings will include daily prayers before the start of Talmud Torah’s regular school day and after school activities will include Chumash, Parsha, and Mishna.

The collaboration is guided by an agreement and there will be regular communication between TTS and the AJP parent committee to ensure smooth operations and the delivery of a high-quality educational program.

The extended program should attract 20 to 30 new students to Talmud Torah School, explained Asbell. Many are excited at the prospects of combining Talmud Torah’s Hebrew Language and Judaic curricula with additional Orthodox education.

Existing Talmud Torah families are welcome and encouraged to send their kids to AJP and prospective families will be encouraged to enroll in both TT and AJP as the program has been created for current Talmud Torah students, added Eliyahu.

The program will be for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and an annual cost will be approximately $2,000 in addition to TT tuition. AJP will be held in the morning from 8 to 8:25 am for tefilla and after school for 1.25 – 1.5hours. There will also be a recess break after school to allow the students a break.

For more information, email leeoreliyahu@gmail.com or azizaeitan@gmail.com.


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