Edmonton Jewish Community looks to the future

by Stacey Leavitt-Wright and Doug Wolch

(Edmonton) – Once upon a time, over one hundred years ago, a small Jewish community  was established deep within the Prairies. They built all that was needed to ensure lifecycle needs were taken care of. Over time, more people arrived, more needs were established, and this community grew.

Edmonton – we are that community. With the recent census we will be finding out just how large this community has grown to become. What the census does not tell us is where we are headed and what is at the top of your mind! It is time for us to look ahead, to determine what our priorities should be as we emerge from this pandemic with a new CEO in place. The Jewish Federation Board has struck a Strategic Planning committee this winter and while we have been laying the groundwork, it is now time for us to hear from you.

To date, we have commissioned a consultant,  Linda Kislowicz, former CEO of JFC -UIA to guide us through this process. Linda has held interviews and a few focus groups with the board and community leaders. We will be hosting two more  focus groups in June  with newcomers (who moved here within the last 3 years) and young adults from 22-30 years old.  If you are interested in joining one (for which you will be receiving a thank you of a $10 Starbucks gift card) email us at info@edjfed.org or visit our website www.jewishedmonton.org.

A broad reaching survey will be sent  shortly. While originally intended for a launch on May 19, this has been delayed by the crisis in Israel. Watch your email inbox and our facebook and Instagram for the link. Please share widely! An added bonus is the draw for a $50 Amazon or $50 Starbucks gift card ! Help us spread the word.

What will we do with all this data? Once combined and analyzed, the Board and Strategic Planning committee will have a retreat this Fall where priorities are determined and a report will be presented at the next Annual General Meeting in December.

While the past year has proven to be challenging, this pandemic has given us time to think about what truly matters to us as individuals. Now, it is time to consider what matters  as a community and chart a path forward, beyachad, together.

Doug Wolch is Strategic Planning Chair of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton and Stacey Leavitt Wright is CEO.


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