Edmonton Chevra Kadisha is expanding

(Edmonton) – What do you do when a loved member of the Jewish Community passes away in Edmonton or Northern Alberta? One of the first things to do is immediately notify the Edmonton Chevra Kadisha at 780-482-3065 (24 hours). You should also contact your rabbi if you are affiliated with a synagogue.

Edmonton Chevra Kadisha has been providing burial services to the Jewish Community of Edmonton and Northern Alberta since 1907. They will immediately arrange to coordinate the transfer of the deceased, to organize a shomer (guard) and to prepare the gravesite.

The Edmonton Chevra Kadisha will meet with the family at the Chesed Shel Emes prior to the funeral. At this meeting they will assist with completing government documents and finalize arrangements concerning the plot, location of the service, transportation, community notification and fee arrangements.

Edmonton Chevra Kadisha helps ensure that all burials conform to Jewish ritual and law and are held as soon as possible after death. Its members prepare the body in accordance with ritual dictated by Jewish law. They use a simple kosher cloth-covered wood casket which is always kept closed at all times. At the funeral service, which is carried out at the chapel and/or graveside, prayers are chanted, and a eulogy is delivered by clergy and family / friends if they are able.

It is customary for the unveiling of the monument to be held on or before eleven months of the funeral date. Chevra Kadisha helps with the arrangement of the unveiling.

The Edmonton Chevra Kadisha (Holy Society) is a wholly volunteer association, comprised of men and women who give their time and energy to organize and perform all the religiously required tasks of burying Jewish deceased. The Chevra Kadisha owns and operates the Edmonton Jewish Cemetery as a service to the community.

In 1935, a permanent chapel was built at the cemetery. This chapel was renovated in the mid-1990s and is often used for services.

Although funeral and burial services are not eligible for tax-deductible receipts, the Chevra Kadisha welcomes all additional financial contributions and is able to provide a tax-deductible receipt to all donors. A second cemetery is currently in the planning stages and the Chevra Kadisha is seeking support of this project. These donations are tax deductible.

For more information contact Chevra Kadisha at 780-482-3065 or visit edmontonjewishcemetery.ca

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