Editorial cartoon perpetuates stereotype

(Edmonton) – A political cartoon appeared in the August 1, 2019 edition of the Edmonton Journal depicting the hacker of the Capital One Credit Card as a stereotypic Jewish male.

The cartoon was regarded as offensive by many members of Edmonton’s Jewish community. The following letter to the editor by Susan and Murray Lieberman of Edmonton appeared several days later.

Dear Editor: “Malcolm Mayes’ cartoon depicting a stereotype of a Jew in the latest hacking scandal of Capital One was offensive and unwarranted. It is reminiscent of cartoons in Nazi Germany preceding the Holocaust.

“The perpetrator of the hacking crime was a young, blond female. Mayes had no reason to perpetuate stereotypes of a minority group. The lack of oversight for this cartoon gives us reason to question the editorial staff of the Edmonton Journal.”

In response to comments and concerns about the cartoon from members of the community, Jewish Federation of Edmonton spokespeople stated, “We are aware of the August 1, 2019 antisemitic cartoon published in the Edmonton Journal and are in direct contact with the paper regarding this matter.”

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