Dr. David Eisenstat appointed as University of Alberta Chair of Oncology

Dr. David Eisenstat was recently appointed Chair of Oncology of the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. He is pictured above with a patient. (Photo: Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta)

by Deborah Shatz

(EJNews) – The University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry has recently appointed Dr. David Eisenstat, a member of Edmonton’s Jewish community, as Chair of Oncology for a five-year term commencing July 1, 2017.

The Department of Oncology is a unique department at the University of Alberta that integrates health care personnel and University researchers in an environment dedicated to the care of patients with cancer. This brings together clinicians, other health professionals and discovery researchers to enhance their understanding of the causes of cancer and to develop strategies that will measurably improve the quality and duration of life for people with cancer.

“I am truly honoured to have been selected as the next Professor and Chair the Department of Oncology,” said Dr. Eisenstat, “and to work with such amazing doctors, scientists, trainees and allied health care personnel based at the Cross Cancer Institute who are all focused on the cancer patient’s journey as well as towards developing and testing new methods to diagnose and treat cancer.”

Dr. Eisenstat, a neuro-oncologist, clinician-scientist and a member of the departments of pediatrics, medical genetics and oncology at the University of Alberta, obtained his MD from the University of Toronto and completed his pediatrics residency and subspecialty training in Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) in 1991. He then joined the Laboratory of Molecular Neuro-Oncology in the Brain Tumor Research Center at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and obtained a master’s degree in neuroscience from UCSF after training in the Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology in 1997. Dr. Eisenstat was also a clinical fellow in pediatric and adult neuro-oncology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Currently, Dr. Eisenstat is the Division Director, Pediatric Immunology, Hematology/Oncology, Palliative Care and Environmental Health (iHOPE), the inaugural Muriel and Ada Hole Kids with Cancer Society Chair in Pediatric Oncology and co-director of the Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta (CRINA).

Dr. Eisenstat has previously held multiple leadership roles with the University of Manitoba, Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology and CancerCare Manitoba. He has also received numerous awards, including the Pediatric Chairs of Canada Pediatric Academic Leadership – Clinical Educator Award in 2010.

David Eisenstat and his family moved from Winnipeg to Edmonton in the Fall of 2011. His wife, Dr. Janice Richman-Eisenstat, is a physician specializing in adult pulmonary rehabilitation and palliative care.  They have four children – Joshua, aged 30 who lives in Toronto, Hannah, aged 27 who is living in Winnipeg, Davina 26, who lives Edmonton and attends MacEwan University, and Jacob, 18 who lives in Edmonton and attends University of Alberta. Davina is a member of the Aviv Dancers.

In addition to the valuable work that he does at the University of Alberta, Dr. Eisenstat also serves as an active volunteer with Jewish Federation of Edmonton. He is currently serving as vice president in charge of strategic planning. This is an important portfolio as our 5000 plus-member community looks to the future.

Dr. David Eisenstat is a leader in his field and a leader in the community. Kol Hakavod to him on his recent appointment.



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