COVID Diversions by Michele Doctoroff: The Sing-a-long Edition

(Calgary) – In this time of COVID isolation, Michele Doctoroff has been bringing joy and diversion to her many friends and followers.

“Since Covid started, I have consumed/enjoyed/kvelled over the Jewish content that is being shared in the world,” explains Doctoroff. “All the organizations and festivals now coming into our homes, and free of charge!  Such a mechiya and a comfort to many in this scary world.  So I have started sharing with friends, via Facebook, and writing a weekly little (or not so little) column which goes out to friends and followers.  So since I am putting in all this enjoyable work, I thought why not share further.”

The following marks Doctoroff’s 20th column – which she calls the “Sing-a-long Edition.” Doctoroff invites everyone to sing along. She says, “All the links lead to a song – short and sweet. Nu tell me what you think!”

1. Ani V’ata….You and Me….a lovely Israeli song sung by several of Israel’s current stars.  A mellow way to start the tone of your day

2. Vus Geven iz Geven, Karsten Troyke  Even if you don’t speak Yiddish this is a beautiful way to welcome the sounds of our ancestors into your heart

3. Yehiyeh Tov (one of David Broza’s signature songs) in a stunning presentation by the Israeli Opera and Symphonette Raanana

4. Shai Portugaly (whom Calgarians remember from her lovely performance with Sivan Arbel back in January) shares with us her new original song  Let’s support Israeli indie artists and share this video and help it go viral!

5. Koolulam  Always a favourite…Singing is believing in their latest video for those who have Facebook

6. Kaveret  If you are of my generation and remember the amazing music from Poogy, you will love this blast from the past, re-enacted. Goliath

7. Mein Shteitelle Belz, by Socalled with Theodore Bikel Definitely not your Baba’s version of this song…..this version makes me think even deeper about our world, and personally about the work that I do

8. Eem Tirtzi, Hanan Ben Ari One of Israel’s top songs for 5780….one to get you up dancing, and humming all day!

9. Yoni Eilat, with a mellow new version  of an old favourite All Kol Ella

10. Despacito, the Yiddish way!

11. Dance Me to the End of Love, Batsheva English and Yiddish!  Thanks Evelyn for sharing this one with me!

12. Bei Mir Bistu Shayn, Vibers puts a whole new twist on this song….you will either love it or hate it!  This shows us the renewed interest of Yiddish in Israel and all over the world!

13. Adon Olam by The Moshav Band

14. Salaam!  A perfect way to end today’s column with the ever so hopeful and the ever energetic favourite by Moshe Ben Ari

Note that any thoughts or views presented in the above are not necessarily supported or endorsed by this writer and are solely the messages from where they originate.

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