CNN’s Wolf Blitzer describes painful associations of seeing ‘Camp Auschwitz’ T-shirt

by Ron Kampeas

(JTA) — Longtime CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said Thursday that he was happy that his late parents, survivors of the Holocaust, did not live to witness the resurgence of anti-Semitism in the United States — particularly in the wake of anti-Semitic symbology appearing at last week’s deadly Capitol riot.

“I’m happy that they’re not seeing what’s going on now in the United States,” Blitzer said after his cable news station screened video of his 2014 visit to Auschwitz, where his grandparents perished.

“It’s always hard for me to believe that in this country which gave my parents freedom” has witnessed such a resurgence, he said, naming events that occurred during the Trump presidency but not mentioning President Donald Trump.

Blitzer referred particularly to the rioter last week during the pro-Trump raid on the U.S. Capitol wearing a T-shirt emblazoned “Camp Auschwitz” and “Staff.” Photos of the man, who was arrested this week, have triggered traumatic episodes for Holocaust survivors worldwide.

“They were the most patriotic Americans I ever knew,” he said of his parents, who immigrated to Buffalo, New York, where Blitzer was raised. “It would have been so painful for them to see even these words ‘Camp Auschwitz.’”

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  1. Why is a publication that is ostensibly a community newsletter for Alberta Jews disseminating rapidly anti-Trump and-Republican canards. The odious Wolf Blitzer is a shameless propagandist for the viciously Trump and Israel-hating CNN. If AJN wishes to truly represent Alberta’s Jews it should either provide some balance or desist from disseminating these dishonest and hyper-partisan rants. The Jewish community is not monolithic, despite the apparent belief by the editors of this publication that we all share it’s political outlook.

  2. AJN does provide a balanced outlook. This last comment is absurd. Anybody still associating the republican party or Trumpism with Jewish values is objectively wrong at this point

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