Camp BB-Riback thanks the volunteers who worked tirelessly to get through the summer of COVID

The Goldsand/Vogel contingent, not only represent both Calgary and Edmonton in their roots, but also close to 100 Camp BB-Riback seasons in one big happy family. They spent a night together during the summer of Covid. "Both Nathanial Vogel and Ross, Cale and Sam Goldsand volunteered this summer to help us through this difficult period in the camp's history," says camp Director Stacy Shaikin. (Photo supplied.)

(August 2020) – On August 11, 2020 Camp BB-Riback Director Stacy Shaikin posted this note of appreciation to the volunteers who worked along side him to mitigate the camp’s losses as a result of shutting their doors to campers for the Summer of 2020.

“It is with an immense sense of pride I say thank you to this group who actively participated in helping camp get through the summer of Covid,” noted Shaikin. “They volunteered their summers or portions of them to help us steady their home away from home.

Shaikin continued, “Sean Kelly came out here by himself and prepared to grounds for us to get started. His commitment,  work ethic, know-how and poise gave us the opportunity to open it all up and maintain it for 2 months.

“His partner in crime Jordyn Wright was a magician in the kitchen. Our pre-med master programmer added chef to her resume. Shelby, our Head chef, showed her the ropes and She took care of all of us. Jordyn is an amazing combination of skill, smarts, empathy and determination. She’s one impressive woman and like Sean, we were lost without her.

“Ella, Issy, Lauren, Nathaniel, Nathan, Shelby,The Brick and Ben made sure the grounds were clean and we were keeping everyone healthy all summer. Their contribution to this covid initiative was massive. They are such a hard-working and wonderful group of leaders and people.

“Megan, Ross and Tamar helped us keep the admin, the programming and the waterfront up and running. This crew were getting straight A’s while helping us solve an array of problems. They are the sweetest threesome to work with.”

Finally the masters of all trades, noted Shaikin. “This group stepped into whatever role we needed when we needed it. Whether it was serving guests, running programs, moving gravel or helping with the fence project. They are: Erich Von Sass, The Grisaru Bros, Sam Goldsand, Max Oshry, Sam Oshry, Emily Levine, Matthew Levine, Ari Hida, Micah Allen, Gabby Gurevitch, Josh Levine, Manny Krygier-Lapides, Eden Rosenblum, JT Steinberg, Jacki Tucker, Jacob Kelly, Edward Kaplan, Michael Gelfand, Cale Goldsand, Tali Glazer, Evan Horowitz, Talia Apel, Zoe Shvarts and Yael Rosenblum.

“Lastly, to my wife Nancy who didn’t take a day off for 6 months while I had to figure out and execute this Camp BB 2.0…you made it so this could happen. I love you and we all owe you gratitude for making this possible.”

Shaikin concluded, “I don’t have the words to describe the last 6 months but let me leave you with this thought. I am so proud to steward this camp.I will never forget this group as I look to the summer of 2021. You have my utmost love and respect.”

If you missed the summer COVID emergency campaign to support Camp BB-Riback and ensure “many more summers of fun and memories out at Pine Lake, visit   All donations are eligible for a tax receipt.

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