Calgary Chevra Kadisha is seeking volunteers

by the Calgary Chevra Kadisha

(Calgary) – It is an old and revered mitzvah in our community to accompany a deceased person and participate in the ritual of a proper Jewish burial. Occasionally, a member of our community passes away and help is needed to safely carry the casket or to help fill a grave.

Rick Pollick, executive director of Calgary Chevra Kadisha, says, “There are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps the deceased was isolated, or the family is new to the community or not well connected in the community. Some families do not have anyone physically able to perform these tasks. Lately, the social distancing rules of COVID have restricted attendance at funerals. Regardless, we sometimes find ourselves scrambling to find enough pall bearers or people to complete a minyan or assist with the act of burial.”

If your schedule is flexible and you are able bodied, please consider volunteering to help with this essential practice in our community. With enough names, it will mean only occasional calls for assistance.

Pollick adds “This would truly be an act of chesed shel emes, an act of true loving kindness.”

Please call Calgary Chevra Kadisha at 403-244-4717 or email

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