Calgarians are raising funds to save lives in Israel: January 21

Richard Gotfried, Sharon Fraiman, Shael Gelfand and Danny Ng. Photo supplied.

by Shael Gelfand and Sharon Fraiman

(AJNews) – You are invited to a special 10 course Chinese banquet on Sunday January 21 at the Regency Palace restaurant in downtown Calgary to raise funds for the Canadian Magen David Adom Ambulance Fund.  The evening will also include live entertainment and a silent auction.  Kosher meals will also be available.

The event is being organized by Calgarians who are encouraging the greater community to show their support for Israel and to showcase the long-standing relationship between Calgary’s Jewish and Chinese communities. The guest speaker will be Shuvaloy “Shuv” Majumdar, Member of Parliament for Calgary Heritage.

Magen David Adom provides emergency medical services throughout Israel and despite suffering many casualties, dedicated MDA professionals continue to work wherever and whenever needed.  There is a critical ambulance shortage and the banquet will raise funds for these life-saving vehicles.

Even in the midst of the current conflict, Hamas continues to relentlessly fire rockets at Israel, often seriously injuring Israelis just trying to return to some sense of normalcy.

But when that happens, Magen David Adom is there — with the fastest response time in Israel — to provide lifesaving treatment and medical transportation.

When you support MDA, you ensure that, no matter the emergency, our medics have the equipment, training, and vehicles they need to save lives.

Support CMDA by attending this important event.  Kosher dinners are available upon request.

MP Majumdar is passionate about his support for Israel and harsh condemnation of Hamas.

“Every life is a world,” he stated. “They burned ambulances, before they brutally slaughtered innocent lives, burned Kibbutz’s, and evoked the Holocaust at every turn. Through their terror, their goal being to instil fear inside the hearts of every Jew.

“But know this. This isn’t 1938. Because the Jewish people have their State. And the Jewish State of Israel will prevail. Israel has the right to exist, with Jerusalem as its eternal capital.”

“Israel has the right, the obligation, to defend itself, by itself,” continued Majumdar. “The Jewish State will defend the region’s only democracy. The Jewish State will be a beacon of hope for humanity. In the face of peril, as mobs gather with hearts that have turned to darkness, know that the Jewish State of Israel is the light for all of us.

“Because we know, anti-zionism is antisemitism. The masks have fallen in revealing the resurgence of the ancient hatred. On our streets today, is the resurgence of an evil enabled by the world’s establishments, our academia, our media.

“I want to let you know, that while I may not be your Member of Parliament, I will be your voice. I want to let you know that the Leader of His Majesty’s Official Opposition, Pierre Poilievre, will stand with strength, will never relent, and that together we will stand against terror in every moment – for freedom, for all eternity.

“Our cherished Magen David Adom, which our beloved Fanny Wedro helped found here, is working shoulder to shoulder with the IDF. When confronted by the glorification of brutality, she would have wanted us to choose to cherish life. Sharon Fraiman, Western Director of the Canadian Magen David Adom, now carries the torch. My dear friend is a full-time humanitarian and warrior, working 24/7 to raise funds for our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Sharon Fraiman with MP Shuvaloy Majumdar.

“Working to support 32,000 dedicated volunteers on the ground whose ambulance teams are uniquely equipped for mobile intensive care, the only ones able to perform these life-saving surgeries.”

MP Majumdar urged, “Please donate generously to the Western Chapter of the Canadian Magen David Adom. For medical equipment. For ambulances. For saving lives, and the worlds within them. Let me close with this. For everything to come, Hamas is responsible. For the chaos and death across the State of Israel, for Gazans made into human shields, for Palestinians living under the yoke of tyranny and corruption – Hamas is responsible. I thank you for everything you do. Every life is a world.”

“With iron will and unbreakable bonds, we stand with you in this terrible test,” he concluded. “We will save worlds. Because, Am Yisrael Chai.”

For more information about the Chinese banquet on January 21 , contact Sharon Fraiman, CMDA Western Region Director at 587-435-5808. For tickets and tables visit:

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