Andy’s IGA to close, new grocer plans to expand kosher section

Andy's Valleyview IGA, located in west-central Edmonton, will be closing its doors later this year. Moving into the location is L’OCA Quality Market. CEO Ben Cochrane says they plan to retain and even expand the store's kosher section, when they open in the new year.

by AJNews staff

(AJNews) – The news that Andy’s Valleyview IGA grocery store on 142 Street will be closing its doors is spreading quickly throughout Edmonton’s Jewish community. After decades of ownership, Andy Taschuk will be retiring as early as July or August.

For years Andy’s was the only mainstream grocery store in Edmonton to carry Kosher meat and other products and Andy was frequently a sponsor and supporter at Jewish community events. Community members are wishing Andy well in his retirement but are also worried about losing a beloved community institution and convenient access to kosher meat and an impressive array of Passover and everyday kosher products.

Moving into the location – likely early in the new year – will be L’OCA Quality Market.

CEO Ben Cochrane assures the community that the group is looking forward to extending the life of Andy’s IGA.

He told Alberta Jewish News that they plan to continue providing the full selection of kosher foods provided by Andy’s and even expand on the offerings. He said that in addition to the favourites provided by Andy’s, the new store would include the “L’OCA touch” with some of their own brands – providing a fresh look to the area.

“We’re just trying to build on 60 years of legacy that Andy Taschuk and his family has built,” he told media, adding “we’re kind of standing on the shoulders of giants…We’re excited that Andy trusts us with that location, and excited to be coming to our second location in Edmonton.”

L’OCA Quality Market is opening its first Edmonton area location this month on Baseline Road in Sherwood Park.

Edmonton community members are posting their best wishes to Andy as well as voicing their hopes for the future of kosher food accessibility in the city. One reviewer wrote: “It’s the end of the era as we know it. Sending a huge thank you to Andy, I saw him getting produce out of the box, putting cereal boxes on the shelves, setting up display, packing groceries and just simply chatting with his regulars. Wishing him all the best in his retirement, he will be missed.”

Best wishes to Andy wrote another. “I hope the kosher section at the new grocery will be maintained and that it’s successful.” I will miss Andy’s, wrote another. ‘They were always friendly, helpful and part of the community, with a good selection of Kosher foods.”

People in the neighbourhood fondly remember growing up with the store – the convenient location, the homey atmosphere, the fresh produce and baking, the kosher food and particularly the black mechanical riding horse that has continued over the years to elicit warm memories to many boomers, their middle aged children and now their grandchildren. “I love that horse,” wrote several reviewers.

“I lived in the area and would meet some of my Parkview and Crestwood friends there in elementary and junior high,” wrote another community member. “I still shop there. We will miss Andy’s IGA!”

“It’s hard to imagine west-central Edmonton without Andy’s. So glad it’s going to remain an independent grocery store.”

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  1. Cathy Jensen | May 10, 2024 at 7:52 am | Reply

    I am going to miss that store. Andy was a fixture in the community. My daughters rode that mechanical horse and 30 years later, my Granddaughters ride that horse every time I am in the store with them. I am so happy an independent store is moving in.

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