Allergy is not all about the immune system

By Louise Grenier

(July 2016) – Just for the fun of it, take a moment and think about the people you know that have some sort of allergy.  About one in every three people has some form of allergy.  I can be hay fever in spring, or getting congested around cats and dogs when they visit their friend’s house.  Or perhaps they mention that they have headaches when they come in contact with gasoline and perfume.  Or possibly they stay away from certain foods because they don’t feel well after eating them.  People get used to living with their allergies by avoiding the particular allergen.  Avoidance is not a sign of health.  Having to avoid certain places, foods, or animals is certainly a limitation.

An allergy is a reaction from your immune system.  Surprisingly, this is good!  After all, your immune system is there to protect you and is doing a very good job at it when you experience symptoms of an allergy.  Your body is doing its very best to push the allergen out of your body and to neutralize the effect inside of your body.  Remember that your body is amazing!

Have you ever heard about people with multiple personalities?  I remember a book I read when I was a teenager called Sybil, about a lady with fourteen personalities!  Not long ago, Dr. Phil had a guest with two personalities.  These cases are interesting, because they have shown in the past that one personality may have allergies while the other may not, even though they are sharing the same body and the same immune system.  This is telling us that in order to rid yourself of allergies, you have to address the underlying cause, which is at the level of the subconscious.  The amazing thing is that it only takes one or sometimes two visits to be completely cleared of your allergies when the cause is addressed!

The medical system addresses allergies with the understanding that the immune system is malfunctioning.  Consequently, they give drugs to suppress the release of histamine (anti-histamine).  The cause is never addressed, which means that you have to rely on anti-histamine drugs forever, with no real cure.

Recently I went on a Facebook page of an allergy clinic here in Edmonton to look at people’s comments.  It was quite sad to learn of so many people taking medications and shots every week for years in attempt to rid their allergies with incredibly poor results.  Are these people aware of all the chemical preservatives in each injection and pill?  They are then retested after a few years of treatment to learn that their allergies are still present.

If your immune system is like an army that is always ready to protect and defend you against an invader, then your subconscious is like a surveillance radar that detects invaders and warns the army.  Suppose the radar mistakes pollen for a virus or a bacteria.  The radar tells your immune system army to attack!  The allergic symptoms appear rapidly as your immune system works to destroy the pollen.  The battleground of your body gets red and swollen.  However, while the pollen is actually innocuous, it is the attack by your immune system that causes problems.  And it was all because the radar mistook the pollen for something dangerous.

My approach is to teach your radar that pollen (cat dander, dairy, grass, dust, etc..) is safe.  That way, the next time you come in contact with pollen, your radar (subconscious) won’t send the alarm to mobilize your body’s defenses.

To achieve this I stack different techniques together to increase the odds of success.  Homeopathy and Neuro Linguistic Programming are 2 of the main tools that I use.  80% of people see dramatic improvement or total elimination of their allergies within one or 2 sessions.

The current medical system has no solution to allergies.  I am thrilled that through using a combination of powerful techniques, I am able to eliminate allergies so that you can return to a healthy, allergy free life.

There is no reason to suffer from allergies; the solution is simple, easy, and rapid in most cases.

 Louise Grenier, BSC Nursing, Post-grad. Homeopathy and Adv. NeuroLinguistic Programming is available in Edmonton 780-459-3609. N.B.: This information is for educational purposes only.  It’s intended to supplement your current health program, not to replace the care of a licensed medical doctor. 


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