About our Edmonton edition cover artist: Joshua Winer

Our Edmonton cover artist Joshua Winer will be featured on April 20 at 7 pm on the Art and Scroll Studio. Register for free tickets by email to artandscrollstudio@gmail.com.

By Shelley Werner

(AJNews) – On April 20, 2022 at 7 pm MDT Art and Scroll Studio will celebrate their 16th episode and season finale.

Art and Scroll Studio is proud to have hosted over 1,000 viewers since their inception. They are happy to close out their second season with Mosaic artist Joshua Winer, whose vibrant art is on the cover of the Passover 2022 Edmonton edition of Alberta Jewish News. 

A visionary for public spaces that enhance the experience of passing by art of a large scale, Joshua Winer is enthusiastic on the impact of colour and texture on a community scale.

“I am passionate about art.I love the process of creating art and experiencing art. My specialization is the creation of visual art that is integrated into an architectural setting. I believe that site specific art plays a significant role in enriching human experience as it makes meaningful connections to context and use. I also believe that public and community art is made more meaningful by following art-making processes that include the sharing of ideas and knowledge. This aesthetic value system is the foundation for my work as a commissioned artist and as an educator.”

Over the last twenty years he has created more than 100 murals, mosaics and works of public art in cities across the United States. This work spans a broad range of project types, from monumental exterior public art for urban centers to very personalized interior art for home and everything in between: murals and mosaics in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, senior-living homes, mansions, museums, castles, bathrooms, office buildings, parking garages, malls, theaters and schools. He works in many media, including paint, mosaic, ceramic, brick, metal, and wood. He has also created several large mobiles and collaborated with other artists, as well as work hands-on with community groups and schools to make the finished artwork.

Register for free tickets by email at artandscrollstudio@gmail.com for April 20, 2022, 7 pm MDT.

Shelley Werner is the host of Art and Scroll Studio zoom series that celebrates the makers and creators of Judaica Art.

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