About our cover artist: Naomi Broudo

By Shelley Werner, Art and Scroll Studio 

(AJNews) – The whimsical image on the cover of this month’s Alberta Jewish News: Calgary edition is titled Dreidels and it is the creation of artist Naomi Broudo.

“Dreidels” by Naomi Broudo.

Naomi was born in Regina, but grew up in Winnipeg. Coming from a family of extremely creative people she always had someone to look up to, learn from, and make art with.

She left Winnipeg after high school to go to Israel for a few months. Her few months turned into living in Israel for 12 years, getting married, having a son, becoming a kibbutz member, and, eventually, going to art school.

After living in Israel for 12 years as a Kibbutz Adamit member, she returned to Vancouver in 1986, enjoying a successful career as a graphic designer for 25 years.

“My body of work is constantly influenced by the world we explored and continue to experience every year. I try to keep my offerings fresh with new techniques I learn along the way as well as the cultures and traditions that we explore that become part of my soul.”

Naomi’s work utilizes technology in a variety of formats to create graphic designs that are both modern in style and evocative of ancient motifs. She uses computer tools to define both hard edge and painterly techniques. Drawing free hand with a stylus and ipad she creates powerful portraits capturing the sights of daily life.

Naomi’s work is based on graphic designs that inspire her, from her extensive travels to everyday sights. Her precise contours and purposeful areas of color serve to illuminate her illustrations with powerful pattern and imagery as well as Judaic intent.

As a featured guest on Art and Scroll Studio on Nov. 3,  Naomi shared the backstory of her art and how colour and pattern from the places she’s travelled have an impact on her work. See more of Naomi’s work at https://bit.ly/NaomiBroudoPreview and view the full episode at https://bit.ly/ArtandScrollStudioChannel.

Purchase Naomi’s Hanukka collection and other work at:  Society6: society6.com/naomibroudo.

Shop: naomibroudo.etsy.com. Web: freshketubahdesign.com.

Readers should note that Art and Scroll Studio is proud to present international artist Siona Benjamin on Wednesday Dec 1, 2021 at 7:00 MTD. To register for free tickets go to www.artandscrollstudio.com.

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