A message from the newly elected president of the Edmonton Talmud Torah Society – Leeor Eliyahu

(August 13, 2020) – Dear Talmud Torah Families and Community,

On behalf of the Edmonton Talmud Torah, it is my pleasure to announce the 2020-21 Society Board:

Executive: Leeor Eliyahu, President; Doug Kondor, VP1 Kathleen Silverman, VP2; Ami Pederson-Resnick, Treasurer; Jennifer Coppens, Secretary; and Gary Wolch, Past-President.

Board Members: Michelle Huberman, Jennifer Magalnick, Sharon Marcus, Rebecca Mello Schayer, Arielle Whitham, Ben Yovel, and Lisa Hering Donnelly.

What a remarkable turnout to our first virtual AGM! It is evident that Talmud Torah School is very important to our community and the tremendous support we received last night, as we face unprecedented challenges in the upcoming school year, is crucial for our success.

Thank you to all who attended the AGM and voted in our new board and your continued support of Talmud Torah School and the Society. You can trust that this new board will continue the great work of previous boards with the common goal of strengthening our school and continuing to be a pillar in our community for decades to come. Our board members come with varied backgrounds that will serve us well as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Our deepest gratitude to our previous board, executive and all of the countless volunteers for their commitment to Talmud Torah and the community. The school and society is better for your efforts. Thank you to Kyle Huberman who stepped up in his volunteer role as moderator and IT specialist to ensure the AGM ran seamlessly. Endless thanks to Natalie Soroka for her unwavering support, dedication and love for Talmud Torah School. We are so grateful to have you on our team, working with us, and for us, and your time and commitment to planning and organizing the AGM did not go unnoticed. Thank you for thinking about all of the details and all the practice sessions you ran. I look forward to continue working with you and bettering our school.

I am honestly overwhelmed and overjoyed with the support and turnout that TT received last night. I am in awe of the countless alumni, parents, grandparents and former parents of our school that took the time to attend our AGM and vote in our fantastic board. I know that we are entering a truly unique and unprecedented school year and am grateful for Gary and his hard working board for how gracefully COVID-19 was dealt with last year. As president, my goal is to ensure that TT continues to thrive and I promise to be a fierce advocate for our school and our students. COVID-19 has created much uncertainty but our goal is to ensure that TTS remains a viable and excellent option for our students. Please be patient with our new board and the school as we navigate the start of the school year and ensure the safety and success of our students.

Please know that my commitment to TT spans many decades as an alumna and a current parent and a dedicated Edmonton Jewish Community member. Simply put, I love TT; the lifelong friendships it fostered, the academics it provided, which no doubt helped me attain my current professional goals, and the Jewish values it instilled. I want these experiences for my children and for your children and for generations to come. I am humbled by those who have taken on this role before me and believe that I can continue to build the legacy of the Edmonton Talmud Torah. Thank you for this opportunity.

I look forward to seeing familiar faces at the school and meeting many new ones!


Leeor Eliyahu, President

Edmonton Talmud Torah Society

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