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Sam J. Feldman

By Sam J. Feldman

(AJNews) – Listen to any business podcast or read any business article and you will likely encounter the word ‘differentiator’. This word is often used to identify technological advancements. But while the trend is to view differentiators as a means to make more profit from customers, we don’t view it that way.

 Let me tell you about our differentiator…

We base our differentiator around our slogan, ‘We Care. We Help.’ Business is not just about business for us; it’s not just about profit. We care about our clients’ families; we care about our clients’ employees and we care about how our clients are doing in business. We care because we are a partner, not just a supplier.

There are hundreds of insurance companies that come up in a quick Google search, many of them are paying big money to earn that top advertising slot on your computer. Instead of cycling our customers’ money into expensive advertising campaigns, we have chosen to take time to genuinely care about our clients and about their businesses.

In addition to building meaningful relationships with our clients, there are some other areas that make us standout:

 Flexibility and Adaptability

We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt and change with your business. We have a dedicated team of experts to ensure that you have a broker that works with you on your risk management strategy – helping to improve your bottom line. Every business is different, much like every industry is different. We respect that, and we understand that you need a tailored policy that works for you.

Niche Industry Expertise

Whether you are in the planning stages of a startup or running an established business, having a broker that understands your industry is really important. You may think that you have adequate coverage, only to realize when a claim occurs that your policy has fallen significantly short. This could be due to inadequate coverage or to changes in your industry, such as changing legislation or legal precedents. Our team of experts is there to help you avoid that sinking feeling. We will ensure that you have the coverage you need to be protected so that you can focus on building your business.

 Long Term Relationships

We all get annoyed when our bank is offering new customers a free iPad or cash incentive while offering their loyal customers nothing except increases in costs and decreases in service. We boldly stand against that practice and dedicate significant time to ensure that long term customers are not taken for granted like they are in so many sectors. Because of this, we are proud to boast long term relationships with many industry leading companies in Alberta, with many of these relationships spanning over 20 years.

Boldly Independent

We believe that to offer the absolute best pricing and coverage, we cannot be owned by an insurance company. We are independently and 100% Canadian owned by a group of partners who are all involved in the business today. That means that we can advocate for our clients without any conflicting loyalties to other parties.

At Wilson M. Beck Insurance, we know what it’s like building a company from the ground up and your success matters to us. What drives us isn’t the cost of your policy, it’s making sure you have the coverage you need when the unthinkable happens. In the event of a claim, we fight to enforce your policy; we work with the insurance company to make sure that you get what’s owed to you – we make you a priority. We genuinely care about your business and helping you achieve success is the reason we come to work every morning.

If you feel like your broker isn’t meeting your expectations – maybe your part of a niche industry that they’re not familiar with – it might be time for you to make the switch to our team at Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services (Alberta).

In a world that is increasingly impersonal, we have chosen to be daringly personal with our clients. We sincerely hope that you will give us a chance.

Just a Few Testimonials…

 “Tollestrup Group’s longtime partnership with Sam and his team at Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services are vital to our ongoing success. They provide the peace of mind and security of our business needs, with a customized approach” – Mitch Arsenault, CFO, Tollestrup Construction Ltd

 “Sam and his team are constantly working with us to ensure that we have the best fit for all of our company’s insurance and bonding needs. They have been our valuable partners for more than 15 years” – Danielle Renton, Chief Executive Officer, Kidco Construction

 “Sam and his team at WMB have been a part of our group’s success for the past 2 decades. We are beyond grateful for his dedication, partnership and best in class service for all these years.” – Gildo Giusti, President, Giusti Group & Viper Concrete

 “Sam and the WMB team have been a critical partner to our organization. They always have our best interest in mind and make sure we’re always covered for our insurance needs. The first 15+ years have been excellent and I look forward to working with them in the future. Great group of people!!” – Trevor Tomlinson, President, Otis Excavating

 “Having great financial relationships are critical in this business. Sam and his team have always delivered on our surety and insurance needs and are an important partner of ours.” – Murray Cunningham, President & CEO, Scott Builders Inc.

 “Prattco’s success has been due to its strong and fundamental partnerships. Sam and the WMB team have always worked extremely hard for us over past 12 years protecting our assets, our fleet and securing surety bonds for all our projects.” – Jarrett Pratt, Operations Manager, Prattco Excavating

Sam Feldman is President, and Managing Director of Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services (Alberta) Inc.

This article is sponsored content by Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services. 

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