Trees can save lives  

By: Matthew Levine and Sarah Lallouz

Trees can provide more than just shade in Israel. Any person living along or near the Gaza border is in great danger from missile attacks. This year’s JNF campaign is focusing on planting trees that will serve as green buffers to protect residents and visitors to the area from missile fire. The screen is formed from a layer of shrubs and eucalyptus trees. It creates a wide barrier which blocks the view of anyone trying to launch missiles onto passing vehicles.

Talmud Torah students along with many other communities around the world, under the leadership of the Tree Captains, Sarah Lallouz, Roey Wine, and Ethan Buck, have taken on the responsibility supporting this valuable project. These responsible students have been busy encouraging other students to buy trees. To date, the students have purchased 127 trees, with a week left in the campaign, the students are hoping to beat their last year’s record of 130.

If you have not yet supported this worthy cause, contact the local JNF office at, 780-481-7881, or go to to purchase your trees.