Talmud Torah to hold special meeting and another vote regarding JCC: Feb. 11

Edmonton Talmud Torah School

FEBRUARY 11, 2019, 7:00 PM
6320 172 St NW

 The Talmud Torah Society Board is calling a special meeting to be held February 11, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Talmud Torah School to conduct a RE-VOTE on its motion to enter in to a lease agreement with the JCC. The vote held previously on December 10, 2018 had anomalies which indicate that proxy voting had occurred. Since the vote was very close and passed by only two votes it is unclear what the correct result would have been had proxy votes not been cast.

The motion to be presented at the meeting for the vote will be the same as that which was voted on at the December 10, 2018 meeting. In order to pass, the resolution requires more than 2/3 approval of the membership present and voting at the meeting.

The motion is as follows:
 “Be it resolved that the membership of Edmonton Talmud Torah Society give the board of directors of the Edmonton Talmud Torah Society the Power to enter in to an agreement to lease a portion of its lands and building to the Jewish Community Centre of Edmonton or related entity subject to legal and regulatory approval.”

What happened? The final vote tally reflected 54 total ballots had been cast. A valid ballot could be cast only by someone present at the time the vote was called; all other votes are considered proxies. Upon discussion subsequent to the meeting with members of the Society, it was clear that fewer than 54 people were present at the time the vote was called. In addition, a number of members indicated that they either gave someone their ballot to cast for them or they cast ballots for other people. (It is not clear whether these votes were in favour or against the motion.)

Why is this all an issue?
If the result of the vote is successfully challenged, then the board would have acted outside of its authority to sign the lease and the lease could be challenged as invalid. This could result in significant liability to the Talmud Torah Society.

Who can vote?
Any parent or guardian of a child who attends the Society’s school or preschool or daycare, or is registered to attend the school or preschool or daycare for the immediately following school year (individually a “Parent”, and more than one Parent shall be “Parents”) is a member of the Society.

Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older and who contributed or on whose behalf a contribution was made to the United Jewish Appeal or to the Edmonton Talmud Torah during the Society’s fiscal year  (September 2018–August 2019) is a member of the Society for that fiscal year. (Please note that we will be accepting cash contributions at the time of the meeting.)

How many people are needed for the vote?
In order to approve the motion, a minimum of 30 members must be present at the time of the vote.

How can I learn more about the JCC deal?

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