Talmud Torah students take their science classes outside

Talmud Torah Grade 4 students enjoyed their science classes outside.

Grade 4 students at Talmud Torah School.

(AJNews) – Grade 4 and Grade 1 students at Edmonton Talmud Torah School enjoyed a hands on education this month. With plants and soil courtesy of Talmud Torah Society’s Lillian and Jack Soroka Fund, students learning about plants in the science curriculum ended the unit getting soil under their nails and nature in their minds.

Led by teacher Ben Ragosin, grade 4 students prepared the planters by weeding, tilling, planting and watering. The heavy duty security planters, funded by the Anson family in memory of Howard Anson z”l, were always intended to be used for curriculum enhancement.

Over the summer the planters will be tended to by the Out of School Care summer camp children at TT, who get to reap (pun intended!) the benefits of their hard work by eating the tomatoes and peppers, with some basil, for a snack!



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