Talmud Torah: Something to Kvell About

Talmud Torah recently held a Celebration of Learning where families were invited to attend and students had the opportunity to share, celebrate and take ownership of their learning. (Photo courtesy Talmud Torah Society).

By Natalie Soroka, TT Society

(Edmonton) – When I was growing up there were certain Yiddish words that were used frequently by my mom and grandma. One of those words was kvell, to burst with pride over something. My grandma would often say, “I’m kvelling right now!” when I would do something that made her particularly proud. As a parent of two daughters, I often internally kvell at what my children have done or achieved, but I won’t actually use the word, kvell.

Nevertheless, a lot of us have experienced our Bubbes and Zaides using this wonderful Yiddish word, with its rich history, that is oftentimes the only word that can truly express something that an English word cannot.

Well, Edmonton Talmud Torah Society’s board of directors has something to kvell about!

In the section titled Academic Achievement from our new brochure, Creating Brighter Minds Through Education, Community & Culture, there are statistics we are kvelling about! For Talmud Torah students in Grades 1-6, ninety-one and a half percent (91.5%) were READING at or above grade level, based on teacher-reported results from Edmonton Public Schools Annual Education Results Report for the 2021-22 school year. The average from other EPSB schools was 67.4%. We are kvelling, but certainly not surprised!

Talmud Torah School offers a unique and valuable academic experience. In addition to embracing Jewish traditions, culture and language, TT looks beyond basic academics. To help each student meet their full potential, our faculty consistently challenge students to bring about individual strengths. As a result, each child is prepared to succeed in life, regardless of the path they choose. Our integrated approach to learning is backed by strong academic outcomes. These outcomes showcase the strength of our teaching practices and environment.

For Talmud Torah students in Grades 1-6, just under ninety-one percent (90.8%) were WRITING at or above grade level, based on the Highest Level of Achievement Test (HLAT) from Edmonton Public Schools Annual Education Results Report for the 2021-22 school year. The average of other EPSB schools was 68%. Some more kvelling!

Our Grade 6 Provincial Achievement Test (PAT) results for the 2021-22 school year are equally impressive. Fifty percent (50%) of our students demonstrated a standard of excellence in MATHEMATICS, while thirty-seven percent (37%) demonstrated a standard of excellence in ENGLISH!

At Talmud Torah School we are continually exceeding the standards of education. Talmud Torah Society’s board of directors are in the unique position of partnering with our school’s principal in a variety of essential ways. Over the past several years, the board has approved allocating a portion of families’ required fees to fund literacy specialists. Here at TT education goes above and beyond the public-school curriculum. Our comprehensive and integrated approach to learning blends public secular academics with Judaic studies. Our students benefit from a bilingual setting. Communication in both Hebrew and English provides a rich learning environment and inspires a strong connection to Jewish culture. As a result of our unique approach to learning, each TT student strives to achieve their personal best. Most importantly, this approach creates a community of students who embody the values, traditions and ethics of the Jewish people.

Students at Talmud Torah benefit from diverse and experienced faculty. Coming from all walks of life and backgrounds, and the high standards set by Edmonton Public Schools, means our teachers have the depth and breadth necessary to foster intellectual, spiritual and moral growth. Our students are given the opportunity to learn through experience and instruction. Our faculty members encourage students to question and analyze information, in order to inspire independent and informed thought.

We are kvelling, how about you?

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