Talmud Torah Society announces significant changes to the Edmonton Jewish Community Directory

On February 21, 2017, The Edmonton Talmud Torah Society issued a letter to the Edmonton Jewish Community announcing significant changes that will be made to the format of the Edmonton Jewish Community Directory. The letter appears as follows:

Dear Community Members,

The 2017-20 Edmonton Jewish Community Directory will be undergoing a significant change. Our new Executive Director, Gerald Sorokin, together with leadership of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton, decided to no longer publish personal listings (names/addresses/phone numbers) of community members in the directory. Increasingly, Jewish organizations throughout North America are not sharing personal information in public forums for reasons of safety and security.

We understand that the directory was a treasured resource and tool for connecting members of our community. It is our hope that the reformatted directory will continue to be a staple in homes in the Jewish community. The revised directory will serve as a detailed information manual, highlighting organizations, institutions, and resources that make up the Jewish community of Edmonton.

The directory will continue to be the Parents’ Auxiliary’s major fundraiser. Under the new format, there will also be a reduction in price. The new Edmonton Jewish Community Directory will sell for $18.

If you pre-ordered a copy of the directory, please contact Natalie Soroka at the Talmud Torah Society (780.481.3377) for a price adjustment or refund.

We still invite you to sponsor and pre-order the directory. Please email: edjewishphonebook@gmail.com

In-kind donations are also greatly appreciated and are a good alternative for those who wish to support the work we do with hard goods and materials or discounted services. Some ideas for in-kind donations are: advertising, design services, printing services, t-shirt design, printing, etc. Please contact us regarding in-kind donations.

We also invite you and/or your organization to advertise in the new directory. Because of the change to our format, we are still finalizing our advertising details. If you are interested in receiving information about advertising opportunities, please email edjewishphonebook@gmail.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we make this change. We hope you will continue to support the Edmonton Jewish Community Directory and Talmud Torah School. Thank you to the many community members who contacted us with their phone book listing updates and additions. We truly value the time you took to do so.

Please direct any inquiries to Gerald Sorokin, Executive Director, Talmud Torah Society, at geraldsorokin@talmudtorahsociety.com or 780.481.3377.

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