Talmud Torah Class of ’75 Reunion

Some of the alumni from the Edmonton Talmud Torah class of 1975 attended a reunion this month which included a nostalgic tour of the old school.

Edmonton Talmud Torah class of 75 – pictured in grade 4.

By Jerry Sorokin

(Edmonton) – More than 50 years ago, a group of Edmonton kids started kindergarten at Talmud Torah. Some of them had known each other since they were babies; others were soon to become fast friends. Most important, they developed a connection that has lasted long beyond the time that they were actually together.

Over the first weekend of May, this group – my TT class, which finished Grade 6 in 1975 – held its first reunion. Classmates flew in from as far away as Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto; others drove in from Calgary and northern BC. We visited the old school and the new one. We laughed, cried, and reminisced about our years together and our years apart. We had brunch with our parents, which was cool. It was a truly memorable weekend.

The Talmud Torah experience does that to people. TT students and their families develop relationships so deep that we can pick up conversations mid-sentence after 40 years apart. All of us retain an identity – not just as Edmonton Jews, but as Talmud Torah alumni with a unique shared experience.

On behalf of the Talmud Torah Society, I invite all alumni to organize class reunions. Speaking on behalf of my classmates, we’d be more than happy to give you some advice. It’s well worth the effort!

The class reunion was a joyful event – some of the parents chaperoned.

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