Talented HAA students design winning yearbook cover

Halpern Akiva Academy students Bella Talia Kutnowski, Chana Shimonov and Shaina Groner designed the winning 2022/23 yearbook cover. Photo supplied.

by HAA Staff

(Calgary) – In a remarkable display of creativity and talent, three young students from Halpern Akiva Academy have left an indelible mark on their school’s yearbook. Bella Talia Kutnowski from grade 4, along with Chana Shimonov and Shaina Groner from grade 3, have emerged as the winners of the yearbook cover design competition. Their captivating design not only caught the attention of their peers and teachers but also conveyed a profound message about the significance of school events and the memories they create.

The competition at Halpern Akiva Academy was fierce, with numerous outstanding submissions from students across different grade levels. However, Bella, Chana, and Shaina’s design stood out from the rest due to its unique perspective and powerful message. They understood the importance of school events in shaping their journey through education, and they managed to encapsulate this sentiment in a simple yet impactful way.

The winning design featured a vibrant collage of photographs depicting various school events that took place throughout the year. From science fairs and talent shows to field trips and Jewish holiday activities, every event was represented, highlighting the diversity and richness of their school experience.

What truly set this design apart was the tagline that the talented trio crafted: “Making Memories.” These two words perfectly captured the essence of their vision. They understood that the events they had chosen to showcase were not just fleeting moments but cherished memories that would stay with them and their peers for a lifetime. The tagline resonated with everyone who saw it, reminding them of the joy, camaraderie, and personal growth experienced during these events.

The yearbook cover design committee was impressed not only by the artistic skill displayed but also by the thoughtfulness behind the concept. Bella, Chana, and Shaina’s design was a testament to their deep appreciation for the role that events play in shaping their educational journey. It served as a reminder to cherish every moment, as it is through these experiences that lifelong friendships are formed, passions are discovered, and personal development flourishes.

The impact of Bella, Chana, and Shaina’s yearbook cover design was profound. It resonated with students, parents, and teachers alike, evoking a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the vibrant community they belong to. As their design graces the cover of the yearbook, it will serve as a visual reminder of the countless memories created, encouraging future students to embrace and cherish their own experiences at Halpern Akiva Academy.

The three students have left an enduring mark on their school with their winning yearbook cover design. Their artistic talent, combined with their understanding of the importance of school events, allowed them to create a captivating representation of the memories made at Halpern Akiva Academy. As their design takes its rightful place on the yearbook cover, it will serve as a beautiful reminder of the happiness, growth, and lasting friendships that are the true essence of the school experience.

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