Stay Informed: Notice from the Calgary Jewish Federation

(March 16, 2020) – The following notice was issued for Community Members by the Board and Staff of Calgary Jewish Federation:

We know that this is a trying time for many members of our community; we also know that we come together as a community when times are difficult. The last several days have been a whirlwind, with information changing by the day and, sometimes, by the hour. We want to stress that while we are being vigilant about social distancing and doing our utmost to protect our most vulnerable, we also want to hear from anyone who needs assistance.

Our community agencies, schools, and synagogues have been exemplary with their leadership and messaging. We continue working with them to navigate these challenging times and to ensure we emerge on the other end of this as strong as ever.

For important updates or to keep track of the status of Federation services or programs, please follow our:


Facebook Page


Twitter @jewishcalgary and @CJF-CommRelations

Please note that our regularly scheduled ePom newsletter will not be going out today. As it primarily promotes future programs and events, information will likely not be accurate. We will continue to communicate with agencies to gather future program information and will aim to distribute when the community climate returns to normal. Federation will continue to share updates with the community over the coming days. If you are in need of assistance or know of someone who requires help, please contact us.

Wishing you good health and peace.

The Board and Staff of Calgary Jewish Federation

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