Securing Our Future: Strengthening Safety Measures at the CJA

On March 21, 2024 CJA students united with Jewish communities worldwide in a solemn gathering to recite the Shema. This gathering holds profound significance. Intentionally coinciding with the Fast of Esther, the collective recitation of the Shema was dedicated to the 134 hostages who have been held in captivity since October 7th.

by Joseph Tappenden

(AJNews) – In the wake of the horrific events that transpired on October 7th, we have implemented a number of enhanced security measures at the Calgary Jewish Academy. As always, the safety of our students, staff, and community remains our top priority. Unfortunately, as a result, our baseline funding has run out and our security budget is now exhausted.

In February, we launched our security fundraising campaign and we are truly grateful for the generous support from those who have made donations and commitments. To date we have raised over $52,000 and are still seeking community support to help get to our goal of $75,000.

A few initiatives we plan to undertake involve additions to our security camera system, maintaining a physical security presence and upgrading building infrastructure. Adding to our security camera system is crucial. This entails installing new cameras and replacing aging ones to ensure comprehensive surveillance coverage across every corner of the CJA’s property, thereby fostering a secure environment for all.

In addition to technological upgrades, the CJA has proactively contracted additional security personnel to patrol the premises, particularly during high-traffic periods like recess. This heightened foot patrol presence serves as a deterrent to suspicious activities and provides an added layer of security for students and staff alike.

Furthermore, infrastructure upgrades are essential for reinforcing the physical integrity of our building. This includes replacing exterior doors and upgrading their locking mechanisms, as well as replacing sets of windows that are a part of the original construction of the building. These windows are in classrooms, that are adjacent to entry points, and would be installed to match the metal-clad windows that were recently installed in 2022. Exploring the possibility of implementing additional locking mechanisms within the interior of the building, such as remote-controlled magnetic locks and upgraded door handles and locks for classrooms, is also on the agenda.

Your support is critical in ensuring the safety and security of the CJA community. If you are able to do so, please consider making a meaningful contribution to this campaign.

To make your gift, please call Joseph Tappenden at (403) 253 3992 or visit:

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