Pro-Semitism: A conversation with Caroline D’Amore in Edmonton on January 29

Caroline D'Amore traveled to Israel to learn more about the heinous attacks that took place in Israel on October 7. She will be in Edmonton on January 29 to discuss her experiences. Instagram photo.

By Matthew Levine

(AJNews) – As a non-Jewish advocate for Israel, Caroline D’Amore is uniquely positioned to help educate a global demographic. She is an influencer and an ally who is speaking out against antisemitism and on behalf of the 130 hostages who are still being held captive by terrorists in Gaza.

The heinous attacks on October 7, including the sexual and gender-based assaults, left global Jewish communities feeling alone and in pain. The war that has unfolded since, has left Jewish communities feeling alienated by both friends and family (in some cases). The loneliness felt by Jewish people comes not only from being separated from Israel, but also from many non-Jewish friends who are uninformed and unable to properly support the Jewish people in their lives.

“Many non-Jewish friends don’t really have the tools or know how to speak on our behalf,” says Michael Sachs, Director of JNF Pacific Region. “A lot of times they want to speak up and express that they’re not happy with what’s happening but don’t feel empowered or comfortable.”

On January 29, D’Amore and Sachs will be in Edmonton for an event that brings the Jewish community and friends together to explore her moral clarity in speaking out against antisemitism and standing with Israel at this difficult time.

This event, which takes place at 7:30 pm at the Fantasyland Hotel in conference room 6 is called Pro-Semitism and will run like a fireside chat between the two guest speakers. It will focus on the common ground that can bring our Jewish community together: the fight against antisemitism and the horrific October 7 terror attacks that took place in Southern Israel.

The tragedy that took place on October 7th and the bombings and the ensuing war has sparked a massive incline in antisemitism across the world. “Never before have we seen the Jewish communities across Canada so united, organizations coming together to present events such as this one… there is a need and desire to stand together despite our possible differences” says Sachs. “There is a thirst for common ground,” he explains. “Events like this provide the space for those discussions and for communities to come together. We are strong when we come together. We are even stronger when we come together, shoulder to shoulder with our allies.”

This event is presented by JNF Canada, the Jewish Federation of Edmonton, and Stand With Us – all coming together to raise awareness and facilitate a comfortable discussion. Jewish people across Edmonton are encouraged to attend this event, but also to bring a couple of their non-Jewish friends. “It will provide our non-Jewish friends with an opportunity to learn and feel at the same time as we do,” Sachs added.

Caroline D’Amore is an accomplished businesswoman, the founder and CEO of Pizza Girl Inc., a mother, and an ally of the Jewish community. She speaks against antisemitism and raises awareness about the sexual and gender-based abuses that happened on October 7th.

“Caroline is extremely successful and taking a risk to speak out and protect us. Sitting and watching this rise of antisemitism that, even in Canada we’re not immune to, is very disturbing, so she has chosen to start speaking out on behalf of her Jewish friends,” says Sachs.

“She is making herself a target and needs the community to be there to support her as she supports us.”

D’Amore flew to Israel on December 13 to bear witness to the atrocities of Oct. 7th. She journeyed to the site of the Nova Music Festival and met with a family member of a victim of the attacks.

“Oct. 7th was not a fight for freedom,” she wrote in the post from the Nova festival site. “It was a group of terrorists trying to kill as many innocent Jewish people as possible and then call home so their parents could be proud of them. This is the truth. This is the terrifying truth of what happened on Oct. 7th.”

“Attacking innocent party goers is not a fight for freedom,” she wrote. “It’s cowardice and cruel and pure evil. Anyone who celebrates this is gone and needs serious help.”

“You’ve lost your humanity,” she added. “Anyone who says this was a resistance to their oppressor is an extremely lost soul.”

Vancouver held its own Pro-Semitism event featuring D’Amore not too long ago, Sachs reported that both Jews and Non-Jews left feeling empowered, confident, and with a better understanding.

“All we can ask from this event is that our Jewish and non-Jewish allies have the opportunity to learn and feel at the same time,” concludes Sachs.

“Please join us for this event, there is no charge and it’s an excellent opportunity to invite and engage our non-Jewish friends in a meaningful discussion about what we are going through right now and how they can support us, Caroline is an expert in the field,” says Jay Cairns, Director of JNF Edmonton.

Pro-Semitism takes place on January 29 at 7:30 pm at the Fantasyland Hotel, Conference Room 6. Register at or email

Matthew Levine is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter. 

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