Our cover artist for December 2020 Calgary edition: Galia Goodman

Art and Scroll Studio will be featuring a zoominar conversation with artist Galia Goodman on December 2 at 7 pm MST. It is free but registration is required.

(AJNews) – The whimsical holiday art on the cover of this month’s Alberta Jewish News is by Galia Goodman, a gifted artist whose work often highlights Judaica themes. She was brought to our attention by Art and Scroll Studio who will be featuring Galia in a zoominar on December 2, 2020.

Galia is an artist, illustrator and calligrapher whose work is infused with Judaic inspiration and reflects the North Carolina where she lives and other mountain landscapes. Her stunning papercut image White Tree is another example of her beautiful art. It is featured on the cover of Alberta Jewish News – December 2020 Edmonton edition.

“The creative process is as necessary to me as oxygen,” explains Galia. “I understand it as my link to the best part of myself. It connects me to both the spiritual and concrete parts of my life, and without it I would cease to function as a whole person. I see the world in terms of color and light, shadows and darkness. The shapes that flow in and out and around me are part and parcel of the work that I create.”

Galia has created large works and awards for a number of synagogues, churches, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations. As a self-defined world citizen as well as a strong feminist, environmental activist, supporter of equal rights for all and education for all, and especially for women, she seeks to practice these beliefs.

Galia’s art can be viewed at www.galiagoodman.com.

Art and Scroll Studio is a Zoominar series featuring artist interviews; each episode is dedicated to promoting creators and makers of Judaica.

On December 2, 2020 at 7 pm MST join Art and Scroll Studio for a conversation with Galia about what informs and inspires her work. It’s free but you must register at Evenbrite.ca or contact artandscrollstudio@gmail.com.





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