New Outdoor Leisure Space at Talmud Torah will honour Nathan Reboh OBM

A new outdoor leisure space at Edmonton Talmud Torah will be established in honour of Talmud Torah alumni Nathan Reboh z'l. Photo supplied.

by Christina Reboh

(Edmonton) – Honouring our loved ones is a mitzvah and keeps their spirit shining. We regularly reminisce, share stories, look at photos, and hold tight to our memories, passing their legacy from generation to generation. This tradition is part of what keeps the Jewish spark alive, knowing where we come from, learning from our ancestors’ lives, and remaining steadfast in our solidarity and commitment to living a robust and beautiful Jewish life.

Nathan Reboh z’l lived life to the fullest. He always had a smile on his face, was a compassionate friend and family member, was dedicated to Torah and Jewish learning, and was always up for a new challenge or adventure. Education and learning and long-time friendships were among Nathan’s greatest passions and these values started at the Edmonton Talmud Torah.

In his memory, his family is collaborating with Edmonton Public Schools, with support from the Talmud Torah Society, to build an outdoor leisure space at the Edmonton Talmud Torah. The vision for this project is to provide students with a shaded, outdoor space to learn, explore, and socialize; a reflection to how Nathan lived his life. There are unique lesson plans from Math to Science to English that challenge students to interact with the environment around them while learning core curriculum. The leisure space will also provide a comfortable, shaded sitting area where parents currently socialize while watching their kids let loose at the end of the school day. We all know Nathan loved to mingle! He also enjoyed playing chess since he was a child, so the space will include a concrete chess table and Ping Pong table (another favorite activity of Nathan’s). Additional elements, such as planters and more interactive pieces are on the list, but the inclusion of these depends on funding and construction timeline.

It took a few years to find the right legacy project, and now that it has become a true concept, the family is eager to make it come to life so that six (out of seven) of Nathan’s nieces and nephews can use the space while they are students at TT. A generous $25,000 matching donation has already been committed to get the project started. The end result will be a beautiful outdoor space for the Talmud Torah community to enjoy for decades to come.

The shape of the area is Nathan’s hockey number, 33, flipped, but also symbolizes a butterfly. A fitting visual to the beautiful life Nathan endeavoured to have. Despite the onset of brain cancer when he was just twenty years old, he committed to living life to the fullest and never let the obstacles of the illness hold him back. He spent years learning new skills, including knife sharpening, wood working, and Thai cooking. Nathan loved exploring the world, he visited many countries like Cuba, Brazil, Morocco and Japan. He would never turn down a challenge to raise money for Cancer research or ice climb in Colorado. To Nathan, the only limitation was one’s self and the willingness to try.

The Nathan Reboh z’l Outdoor Leisure Space will expand students’ minds, engage their senses, encourage curiosity and socializing, and provide fresh air space for connecting with curriculum and each other.

For more details on this project, please contact Joel and Christina Reboh at Tax deductible contributions can be made directly to the Edmonton Talmud Torah via OR written cheque to Talmud Torah Society OR eft to All donors will be recognized on a plaque near the outdoor space.

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  1. What a beautiful project to honour Nathan’s memory, while addressing the needs of the students.

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