JNF Tu Bi’ Shevat campaign supports a memorial forest near Kibbutz Be’eri

by Jay Cairns

(AJNews) – Tu Bi’Shevat, the New Year for the trees, starts this year on the eve of January 24 and all day January 25. One of  JNF Canada’s 2024 Tu Bi’Shevat projects is to plant a memorial forest in the area of Kibbutz Be’eri in Southern Israel. It was amongst the kibbutzim that suffered the most devastation on October 7.

This project is more than just planting trees. It symbolizes rebirth and resilience in the face of terror. It says that while some seek to destroy the Jewish people, we will remember, pay tribute and seed the land of Israel.

Jewish people have been planting trees in Israel for thousands of years, the roots of this tradition are in taking care of the land and of each other. We have many challenges that are going to be challenging this year and moving forward, the simple act of planting a tree this coming Tu Bi’Shevat will do so much. Now, tomorrow, and for generations to come these trees will reinforce our commitment to Israel’s strength and resilience.  On an environmental level planting trees helps to combat the footprint that each one of us continues to make in the world, a small act of kindness to the planet earth for providing sustenance.

Tu Bi’Shevat themes of renewal and hope are especially meaningful this year. We are all looking for ways to make sense of what happened and find ways to cope. In memory of the lives lost on October 7th, a Memorial Forest will be planted near Kibbutz Be’eri. These trees will be a lasting memorial in honour of those who passed on that dark day.

For information about the campaign, contact edm@jnf.ca.

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Jay Cairns is the Executive Director of JNF Edmonton.

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