JNF Edmonton presents an Israel Security Briefing: September 14

Micky Rosenfeld, Israel's national police spokesperson to the foreign press will be in Edmonton on September 14.

(EJNews) – The Edmonton Jewish community has a rare opportunity to hear a security briefing from Israel’s National Police Spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld on September 14. The presentation will be held at the Fantasyland Hotel at 7:30 and it is hosted by the Jewish National Fund of Edmonton.

There is no charge to attend the presentation but reservations are required by contacting edm@jnf.ca.

UK-born Micky Rosenfeld, 45, is Israel’s police spokesman to the foreign press, the go-to man whenever there is trouble in the country.

“I finished high school in Israel, the Hartman School, taking advantage of the English teaching. Then I went into the army, in the Givati infantry brigade, specializing in training and operations,” he recalls.

Initially he thought about going back to the UK to study, but instead decided to work with security organizations that had the most active units working on counter-terrorism.

Every criminal or terror-related incident in Israel lands eventually on Superintendent Rosenfeld’s desk. “I have operating experience on the scene, but my experience and English language skills are just as important,” he says. “To do this job you have to understand the international perspective.”

Israel works with Interpol and police forces from Britain to America. “Our focus is on making sure we are one step ahead”.

The foreign press, he says, “know exactly what is going on. The Israel police work fast and furious, but accurately, wherever they can. We ensure that everything is instantaneous and online – and all the security organizations work together, so that there are no gaps in knowledge or response. Every operation has to be explained, and it is critical to do it. My duty and that of all the police is to protect Israel and its citizens.”

Rosenfeld is married with three children aged eight, eleven and twelve. His wife is the eighth generation of a Jerusalem Old City family, and his two younger children study in the Old City. “Our lives [despite terrorism] continue as normal, and we continue to focus and function,” he says.

“I’m where I always wanted to be. I’ve always taken 100 percent responsibility.”

To reserve your spot at the September 17 event, visit jnfedmonton.ca, email edm@jnf.ca or call 780-481-7881. There will be a reception following the presentation.


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