JNF Ambassadors’ Club launched at Talmud Torah

Talmud Torah students who are members of the JNF Ambassadors' Club gave an impressive presentation at the school assembly.

(EJNews) – The first JNF Ambassadors’ Club met on February 14 at Talmud Torah School with 18 students participating in a facilitated lunch ‘n learn workshop led by Jewish National Fund Edmonton Executive Director Jay Cairns and Talmud Torah faculty.

The students followed up the workshop by giving an outstanding presentation about the importance of water, Israel and the JNF on February 24 at the school’s Mensch Assembly

Israel is one of the most innovative countries in the world. The aim of the JNF Ambassadors’ Club is to provide students in Grade 5 & 6 with an opportunity to learn more about what Israel has developed and shared with the world over the years.

“There is so much to be proud of, let’s talk more about it!” remarked Cairns.  He will be facilitating the program in collaboration with members of the Talmud Torah faculty.

 “We are providing an atmosphere to explore the Jewish National Fund and Israel and share that knowledge with the student body,” explained Cairns. “JNF is working with Talmud Torah to ensure that all themes include curricular links and act as curricular enhancements.”

The JNF Ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend a pizza lunch once a month from now until June 2019. The students will also participate in a monthly project that they will share with the student body at the monthly Mensch assembly focusing on a different theme each month. Presentations may take the form of a displays short presentations Google slide shows, and more.

“Thank you to all the students who participated in the session on water, Israel and the Jewish National Fund,” concluded Cairns. “I look forward to your creative input in the months to come.”

The JNF Ambassadors’ Club is just one of the excellent programs offered by JNF in Edmonton. They bring in guest speakers, host events and co-sponsor most of the family centred programs offered in our community. For more information about JNF Missions to Israel, the Negev Gala or their work with youth and young adults, call Jay Cairns at 780-481-7881 or email edm@jnf.ca.

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