Edmonton Talmud Torah teachers close out the school year with good wishes and some goodbyes

by Moreh Ari Sniderman

(July 2, 2020) – Edmonton Talmud Torah teachers lined 172nd Street on the last day of school while the Grade 6 graduates and their parents parked at the side. Parents paraded their children past them in back seats while they honked in congratulations for finishing up the school year in the most unusual way. Seeing the students in real life was the highlight of the pandemic, of course.

Talmud Torah is losing some longstanding staff members this fall. Caroline Borgen taught at the school for 13 years, touching the lives of over 300 young Jewish community members ranging now in age from 5 to 28. The next generation will hear first hand of her devotion to her students and the school. Elliot Burg spent two years in the preschool before joining the teaching staff in 2017. A Talmud Torah graduate himself, Elliot continuously strove to strengthen not just his students’ academic standings, but the Jewish community. Finally, Arnold Tirao finishes his tenure as head caretaker after eight school years. His calm and caring demeanour made the school a second home to us all and a safe, clean place to learn. On behalf of the TT community I wish them all the greatest success as they start new chapters of their promising careers.

On behalf of the TT staff, thank you to the students who joined our e-classes with an open mind and a big smile every time. Thank you to the parents who showed us patience and support as we worked through the complex pedagogical and lifestyle stresses that the pandemic foisted upon us. We learned a lot about e-teaching and will continue to train to ensure an even more successful round if necessary. Enjoy summer break!

Ari Sniderman is a teacher at the Edmonton Talmud Torah School.

Edmonton Talmud Torah teachers closed out the 2020 school year with a parade of families in cars honking their horns in thanks as they drove past the their teachers.

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