Condemned former Fox News host to bring act to Alberta in January

Despite an online petition to keep him out of Canada, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson will appear in both Calgary and Edmonton on January 24.

By Daniel Moser

(AJNews) – In late January 2024 embattled former Fox News host Tucker Carlson will be preforming in Alberta. On January 24, Carlson is hosting a sold-out lunch event with Premier Danielle Smith (an event which we have been told is not open to the media), at the Telus Convention Centre, followed by an evening show in Edmonton taking place at Roger’s Place in downtown Edmonton. In Edmonton, Carlson will be hosting former Order of Canada recipient Conrad Black (Black was removed from the Order and expelled from the Queen’s Privy Council in 2014 following his criminal conviction), and opinionist Rex Murphy.

Carlson has been condemned countless times throughout his entertainment career by anti-hate groups for his on-air messaging, tactics, and conduct. Most recently in an episode of his X talk show he endorsed the Antisemitic trope of a “great replacement theory” and a “white genocide,” supposedly funded by Jewish elites.

In April 2023 Carlson was removed from the Fox News airwaves. At the time the condemned former host was facing a lawsuit from a Jewish producer on his show, who alleged the host and his staff created and maintained an office culture full of Antisemitism and sexism, including an incident where Israeli staff members were berated for taking the High Holidays off from work.

Carlson’s firing is a move the Anti-Defamation League had been calling for actively since 2001. At the time of his ousting CEO Jonathan Greenblatt remarked: “It’s about time. For far too long, Tucker Carlson has used his primetime show to spew Antisemitic, racist, xenophobic, and anti-LGBTQ hate to millions.”

Later in 2023 following his removal from Fox, he began hosting his program on X (formerly Twitter), where he quickly resumed evoking Antisemitism. In June when speaking about the Invasion of Ukraine Carlson described Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky (who is Jewish) as “rat-like,” “shifty,” “dead-eyed,” “a persecutor of Christians,” and “a friend of BlackRock (an investment company founded and operated by Jewish CEO Larry Fink). These comments prompted condemnation from B’nai Brith International who stated: Carlson “is recklessly trafficking here in Antisemitic tropes. These kinds of charged polemics only feed negative perceptions of Jews and add to a climate of bigotry.”

Tickets are still available for Tucker Carlson’s Edmonton show on January 24, priced at just under $100.

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