CJA Board welcomes Morah Joyce Kerr as the Head of School/Principal

By Shannon Albert and Bryant Frydberg

(Calgary) – The Board of Directors of the CJA is excited to announce the hiring of the next Head of School/Principal, Joyce Kerr. Morah Joyce is currently serving as Elementary School Principal with Gray Academy of Jewish Education in Winnipeg, where she has held a leadership position since 2005. Morah Joyce will be joining the CJA effective August 1, 2023.

Morah Joyce was born and raised in Calgary, graduated from the Calgary Hebrew School, and later began her teaching career at the CJA before moving to Winnipeg. Morah Joyce is thrilled to be returning home to Calgary. Morah Joyce is an exceptional educator and administrator and brings over 35 years of experience in general and Judaic studies. She is passionate, future-focused, inspiring, and collaborative. Morah Joyce is determined to help our students, faculty, and families succeed, and is excited to begin building positive relationships to support our continuous evolution and growth. She is looking forward to working with the board on the final design and implementation of our new strategic plan as we continue to strengthen the core values of the CJA.

In her 18 years of leadership experience with Gray Academy, Morah Joyce has formed strong bonds with students, staff, parents and community members. Relationships and Judaic Studies are at the core of her teaching and leadership philosophy and guide her daily interactions and decisions. Her passion and motivation for a positive school culture is unwavering. She believes building a culture of excellence is a collective effort. She is very excited to join the CJA team!

“My decision to leave Gray Academy was not an easy one,” stated Morah Joyce, “but the role at CJA presented a very exciting opportunity. This new role provides me the chance to return to the city, and school, where it all began for me, in a role that will allow me to give back to the place that gave me so much. I was a student at CJA beginning in nursery and graduating in 1978. I also began my teaching career at the CJA in 1987.

“This move also allows my husband, Jeffrey, and me to return home to be near our parents, whom we have lived two provinces away from for many years. I am excited to come home and share all that I love doing with everyone at CJA, in the same halls where I learned to love being an educator so many years ago.”

Ms. English has done a tremendous job during her tenure with the CJA, and her presence in the hallways will be missed. Ms. English’s dedication and commitment to our school and community has been and continues to be steadfast. Her leadership has been instrumental in maintaining our excellent dual-curriculum program. Ms. English has generously offered to support Morah Joyce in her transition to her new role. We look forward to celebrating Ms. English’s retirement with the entire CJA community, details of which will be shared in the coming weeks.

Shannon Albert and Bryant Frydberg are co-chairs of the Calgary Jewish Academy Board of Directors.

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