CIJA calls out the Canadian gov’t for its hypocritical foreign policy

(Ottawa, ON – December 12, 2023) – Today, the Government of Canada voted in support of a UN General Assembly resolution supporting a ceasefire.

In response, Shimon Koffler Fogel, President and CEO, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, released the following statement:

“Canadian foreign policy shows itself to be hypocritical.

“We’re disgusted and frankly shocked that only hours after issuing a statement that a ceasefire would only be possible under the condition that Hamas release the hostages, stop its use of Palestinians as human shields, lay down its arms, and surrender its control of Gaza, Canada voted in support of a UN General Assembly resolution supporting a ceasefire.

“In its earlier statement, Canada reaffirmed Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, and further denounced Hamas for its heinous acts of October 7, including sexual violence.

“Then, only hours later, Canada voted in support of a resolution that fails to hold Hamas accountable for its war crimes, fails to even condemn these war crimes, and fails to call for Hamas to lay down its arms and surrender.

“Did anything change on the ground in the short hours between Canada’s statement and the scheduled UN vote? The answer is no. Hamas still holds more than 100 Israelis hostage. It is still using Palestinians as human shields. And it is still indiscriminately firing rockets at Israelis.

“That Foreign Minister Melanie Joly confirmed she consulted with a list of countries about this resolution, and did not include Israel, is telling.

“Hamas is a listed terrorist entity in Canada and is irrefutably guilty of war crimes – against both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. They cannot be rewarded and left unaccountable. If the civilian Palestinian population needs freedom and relief, it must be freedom and relief from the tyranny of Hamas.

“Canada’s Jewish community will not forget that, in the face of unprecedented antisemitism, only further emboldened by Hamas’ October 7 massacre, the Canadian government chose to ignore not just Israel’s right to defend itself, but Israel’s obligation to defend itself. Canada’s decision to support the resolution will undoubtedly lead to further hate being directed towards Jews here in Canada.

“The fact that the Government’s vote comes as Jews are celebrating Chanukah is yet another slap in the face to the community. But, as the story of Chanukah teaches us, we will defeat the darkness – with or without Canada’s support.”

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